What are the Benefits of the Dumbbell Row exercise for Back, Biceps, and Core?

The Dumbbell Row is by far one of the best upper body exercises period.

“If you wanna grow, you gotta row.”

The dumbbell row exercise will help strengthen the muscles of the upper back, lats, rear deltoids, forearms, biceps, and even the core. For an upper body exercise, the dumbbell row has almost countless benefits for nearly all strength, athletic, and fitness goals.

Benefit 1: Makes you appealing! Helps coveted V-Shape torso for the men, Hourglass shape for the women.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the aesthetic benefits of having toned back muscles. Both men and women have an improved appearance (and signals of ability) by strengthening the muscles that are targeted by the DB Row.


“Some engaged lats”

For men, waist to shoulder ratio is an obvious sign of attractiveness. And for women, the DB Row can strengthen the lats and upper back and give the waist a slimming appearance due to having improved muscular proportion.

Benefit 2: Dumbbell Rows are a unilateral exercise and can remedy strength and muscular imbalances between either side of the body.

Everybody has some asymmetry so it is an important part of a good strength training program to balance strength between all planes of the body. By working one side at a time, you are guaranteed to know how much that particular side can lift, without ever wondering if your body is compensating.


A fine example would be the

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Why Weight Training is Number #2 physical activity for All Healthy People

Procreation may be number #1. But aside from sex, Weight Training is hands down the Most Important Physical Activity for longstanding health.

To attain high performance as a person, it can reward you to produce happiness from feeling good physically.

You may need Weight Training

We attend school to seek intelligence. Novels, teachers, and friends engage our intellectual senses. With intelligence, we can succeed in this global economy. Our minds are powerful tools — the top layer of our complex humanity. But…

Peak performance requires physical fitness to support your needs and desires as a person. Which you would be happy when yours are important to me too.

Example CASE: Upper & Lower back pain in young woman

Figure 1: Thoracic (upper) spine displays excessive curvature. This produces upper and lower back pain for the client.

Reasons a person might desire Physical Fitness:

  • Chronic back pain. It leeches joy from the important things in life, like career and relationships.
  • Good posture is socially attractive, you should know about body language.
  • Your body could continue degrading for decades until mobility is completely gone.
  • If you want children, the weight of carrying a baby for 9 months could wreak havoc on your spine.

Let’s face it. Aches and pains are often chronic. Pain seems to stay around off and on, most noticeable when your body is stressed. But, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Weight Training is meant to sculpt our bodies for a purpose.

Because when body symmetry is poor or muscles weakened, there are real consequences in the quality of life. Fortunately, a smart Weight Training program can SAVE US from chronic back pain and make us feel great! And there’s more…

With a good trainer, we give meaning to your workouts. Each exercise is meant to fulfill that physical goal to bulletproof your entire body. It requires physical fitness to enjoy peak performance in an empowering and pain-free existence.

This particular exercise strengthens hips and glutes, which promotes optimal spinal function.


  1. Utilize exercises to promote optimal hip alignment, which is the root cause of the issue.
  2. Become proficient at Single Legged movements and mobility drills to straighten out hip complex.
  3. Upper back, rear shoulders, and lower trapezious exercises to target symmetry in the body.
  4. Thoracic spine mobility combined with shoulder stability to keep upper body in healthy alignment.
  5. Targeted stretching for key muscle groups, which puts the body in balance.

Goodbye back-pain.

I know you will enjoy the number #1 physical activity much more when disrobing reveals a tight and symmetrical body. This is an accomplishment that can be earned through smart training and dedication.

You are now informed. If you hire the right Personal Trainer, you should feel the change in your lifestyle. And so will other people.

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