What does your body odor say about you?

Body Odor Research, how do I smell?

On a comfortable night, I lifted my arm behind my head and noticed my female companion’s eyes dilate, expressing pure emotion. She told me that one of the most attractive qualities a guy can have is his personal scent. Researchers tell us that the body odor of men with symmetrical features, high testosterone, and unique immune systems will smell sexy to women, while the opposite can be repulsive. Have you experienced this?

Think back to a moment when you felt undeniable attraction to another person. Your bodies are within inches of each other and may even be touching, you don’t need to know why or how — but you feel the draw like gravity pulling you closer. This is attraction, biological and irresistible.

Our scents are biological markers, little bits of information.

What is the reason for avoiding people with bad breath? Simple, it smells bad. But beyond the simple reasons, we know that a person with bad breath can help his cause by brushing his teeth, while the real cure is in the diet.

True, the foods we eat can make or break our breath.

This is because the actual state of health in our bodies will manifest through scents and body odors. For example, people with weakened immune systems or those that currently have influenza will just not smell attractive. They are sick, they need to be taken care of and treated…they do not need to be romanced.

My encounter with a seductive cancer

At around 5 PM, I heard the door open to Super Supplements and positioned myself warmly to greet my next customer. A pretty woman wearing professional attire, styled blonde hair at shoulder length approached me with a smile. I said hi and cocked my head with genuine interest as she asked for help on finding a multivitamin. It was her first time visiting Super Supplements. Instantly, our warm personalities connected and I knew this would not be a typical customer encounter.

Of course it would be my pleasure to help you find a good multivitamin. Before even pulling any products off the shelf, her eyes zeroed in on the “Immune Multivitamin.”

We were already in rapport, I don’t know how, but people often feel very comfortable around me. As we examined the Immune Multi, our sides touching each other, I found this woman to be youthful, exuberant, and beautiful. Yet the smell was penetrating…

Emotionally, I was drawn to her because of her vibrant personality, and her physical appeal was there, yet my sense of smell detected the scent…of sickness.

She is now in her third week of Chemotherapy.

After she purchased a hundred dollars of supplements, I carried her box of water out to her car. We stood outside the store together and she said that she loved the store and would definitely return for another encounter. With our personal connection established, I expressed my appreciation for her warm patronage and optimistic sense of being.

In a way only two people can experience, we shared ourselves through a moment of profound empathy. I know… that she will make it through.

Can you smell me now?

This blog post was inspired by the woman I met today, whom I would have never encountered if I didn’t work at a health store. I feel enriched by the experience, and am confident she will work diligently on her nutrition in order to save her life.

For the rest of us who are fortunate to claim good condition, healthy foods boost your immune system and make you smell better to others.  An apple a day could keep disease away. And that smells good to me.


  1. Great read! Enjoyed it! And I’m sure that people feel comfortable around you since you a have confident personality that doesn’t lend awkwardness to situations. I wish I had met you earlier during your UW/IMA days haha!

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