The Key to Preventing Coronavirus Death and Surviving the Pandemic is…

Inflammation: a double-edged sword for immunity.

The fact that inflammation occurs during the immune response is a normal process. Problems usually arise when the intensity is too great or the duration is too long. That would be called excessive inflammation.

If the person affected by covid-19 has a weak immune system to begin with, the immune response will be less efficient in mounting an immune response. For the entire duration of the immune response, the inflammation continues to build up.

If the inflammation goes on for too long, then irreparable damage occurs like the scarring of lungs or death.

Nutrition, Immunity, and Digestion

How to Design Your Perfect Workout

This article will share a few ideas on how to structure your home or gym workout.

Contents of a workout:

  1. Mental check-in.
  2. Dynamic warm-up.
  3. Gradual build up to higher intensity.
  4. Plyometric or power training.
  5. Strength in the 8-12 rep range.
  6. Burnout set on a target area.
  7. Isometric stretches.
  8. Optimization of the post-workout recovery.

Before I get started, just remember that the healthiest workout possible is the one that you can do safely.

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