Americans, This is Why You Will Suffer From Chronic Disease.

Despite being able to live longer than our ancestors, this no longer means that we will live better.

Chronic disease is becoming the status quo and many people don’t seem to be alarmed. The Center for Disease Control suggests that 6 out of 10 adults living in the USA have at least one chronic disease.

What’s worse is that most people who have at least one chronic disease also have multiple chronic diseases.

86% of health care costs are attributable to chronic disease.

What causes chronic disease?

This is the big question.

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Why I love rainier cherries

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This is a quick article about the Rainier cherry

It’s about the health benefits of Rainier cherries. Advancements at Washington State University in 1952 led to people being able to enjoy this particularly delicious type of cherry. UW Dawgs all the way, and yet I can find a way to admire WSU’s agricultural game.

Washington potatoes is multi-billion dollar business, and fortunately I use my degree for fitness so I won't have to order from other UW alumni

I use my degree for fitness so I won’t have to order from the other UW alumni

Health benefits of Rainier cherries

Throughout central Washington, cherries are grown

Throughout central Washington, cherries are grown

List of Health Benefits: First, realize that all of these benefits relate to fat-loss in one way or another. The effects on the body are diverse, yet always inter-related.

  1. Nourishing energy. Eating fresh is awesome and helps you enjoy a leaner life-style. A cup provides 90 very nutrient-dense calories.
  2. Delicious. The sensations on the tongue are even enough to improve quality of life. Who needs a doctor when you’ve got these red-yellow cherries. Makes you feel good.
  3. Anti-Diabetes effect due to high antioxidant value. Natural DNA-protective mechanisms become activated and expressed. Promotes healthy blood sugar metabolism so that your cells are signaled to burn body-fat for energy instead.

Enzymes and raw foods benefits

I believe a balanced diet includes raw foods consumption. Cherries contain bio-active ingredients which have beneficial effects in the cell tissue of the human body. Here is a list to share some of the benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Anti-obese 

I am not really one to indulge, but today was my first Rainier cherry consumption of the season and I was popping em’ in my mouth.


Make sure to wash before ya eat!

PS dear readers, the Enzymes from cherries are catalysts for promoting healthy natural function. They are used to create meaningful cellular interactions that are able to light up cells with positive activity. Also, it is a seasonal item!

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Nutrients signal many important human genetic pathways. Antioxidants protect DNA in the body through the optimization of processes related to inflammation in the body, gut, and joints. Also the brain. Antioxidants manage inflammation.

Think of it as Anti-Aging because that is what it really is. Age gracefully my friends… meanwhile burn some fat and look great!

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Set records, achieve personal bests and feel good about your health and fitness through exercise

Achievement through fitness

Through my career in fitness, I have met many achievement oriented individuals. Additionally, I have met real people with less than ambitious hobbies.

Validation vs. achievement

Most people want to be looked at positively in the eyes of others. If at times, you felt without others, it’s great to re-establish and find new connections. If you want people to find you physically attractive, perhaps you would select an outfit that looks fitting and appropriate for the occasion so that you can feel confident in your appearance.

Performance based goals

Your exercise program must include progressive resistance. There are unlimited ways in which you could practice your body through resistance training. Free-weights are common tools across the world for developing skill and strength in movement patterns.

I made this makeshift sled at my last gym. Furniture  sliders and some steps which a pvc pipe to keep the weights in placed. This is conditioning that destroys fat everywhere.

Morning sled push session. This conditioning exercise destroys fat everywhere.

Practically speaking, you want to make progress in activities that make you move hard. Work hard with your pushing and your pulling and your hinging and your squatting.

All out intensity

Start optimizing your lifestyle. By gaining strength, speed, and power then you will achieve personal bests. Then you will have begun to alter the course of your body’s lifeline by activating your healthier genetic identity.

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