Think of any lesson which you have ever learned.

Have you touched a hot stove or how quickly would you learn NOT to touch a hot stove?

That’s why they invented tools.

Consider the emotional experience resulting from flesh burning and physiological distress. Lessons are the representations of meaningful memories and experiences.

Lessons are powerful

The human experience contains rhythms of knowledge & discovery. Perhaps we should all seek to unlock deeper and more enriching realities. We must bring to light to those that matter.

It’s good to be a winner.

How to Find Value and Inspiration in other people

Pause for a second and think about a moment when you called upon your own strength to overcome a new challenge. You should  enjoy the memory of an experience which accompanies the feeling of accomplishment.

So look for that in people. Bring encouragement to the vulnerable part of a person who just wants their pain go away and for recovery to be achieved.

Believe in the Journey… Envision the Outcome.

You have to wake up every day and make choices. Those choices are not mere Yes or No’s… actually it becomes who you are. Life is a huge opportunity. Take pride in yourself, for the way you have experienced your fitness journey.

Take on challenges with open arms

Envision your perfect body despite imperfections. Maybe there’s a mole, or a wart, or something you wish you’d never seen… think about the way that your own thoughts can make you feel proud. Embrace that which you are most self-conscious about.

See your vision…

Feel your vision…


Be your Vision.

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