Life is busy.

Jobs and schools, loans and pleasures.

Borrowing time has meaning in both gain and sacrifice.

Borrowing time for You

People need the support.

It was a Monday night when I greeted a customer who arrived three minutes before closing.

It’s 9:10 PM, and I’m serving the customer.

Bart suffers from severe anxiety.

For him, panic attacks are triggered by people and noises. I feel empathy knowing the power of the mind.

Can you think of a moment when your heart truly raced?

If its because you’re near a charming fellow, have no worries reader.

But the trouble comes when someone gets over-stimulated by common situations.

I worked beyond the schedule that night because Bart was a person in need. He was not disrespecting me by staying late — he was simply trying to cope.

Bart needed to borrow time from me, on that night.

For nearly twenty minutes, even after the doors were locked I gave him my full attention.

While some may feel a loss in time, I feel better knowing that integrity and character come more in giving than in receiving.

Hopefully everyone can experience the power of both.


Make lots of health meals or…

…know a person who makes health appreciate more than butter on a pancake.

Extra points if they are cuter than butter on a pancake.

Make time for health, give time to others

The same goes for rocking fitness into the schedule.

Start small and own it.

You are the master of your own fitness.

The Big POWERFUL Nutrients for Lasting Results

  • High Fiber
  • High Protein
  • High Complex Carbs
  • High in Essential Fatty Acids and other beneficial fatty acids
  • Different color fruits and veggies as antioxidant-powerhouses

…and more!

Keep ya’ posted, friends.

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