How exactly does a Personal Trainer help with weight loss?

A good Personal Trainer will help you reach your goals and motivate you to where you want to be. It’s easy for a trainer to simply go through the motions with you, but if you aren’t getting the results you want then you need to seriously look at the situation.

Training for Fat Loss vs Personal Training for Training’s sake.

Some trainers can show you how to use basic exercise form and get you doing sets of excessively high repetitions so that you.. “feel the burn.” You might enjoy their company, and keep coming back even if progress is sluggish.


Better yet, we can design a specific training program that solves muscle imbalances while working your body hard enough that it seriously oxidizes and burns the fat right off.

I think that is what separates the average trainer from an advanced trainer.

As a trainer, I want results more than you do.

My reason for being a trainer is to get results. You can connect with me, but our time together is not just social time… it’s training for fat loss! (Or whatever your goal may be!)

I believe we must…

  • Provide a specialized, individualized exercise program for each client
  • Be a positive social influence, practice what we preach
  • Exceed client expectations by getting results you never thought possible
  • Pay attention to client needs at all times during training session

So choose your trainer wisely, the money is definitely worth it in order to get a great body and avoid the high cost of disease and degeneration. You must choose a trainer who will help you achieve your own results. Be selective — the industry is growing.

Experience is valuable, yet results matter most!

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