Are fitness supplements worth the cost?

N.O. Xplode, Aromatest, and Anabolic Halo all have three things in common.

Shiny bottles, hefty price tag, and big promises.

The NYTimes just ran a fitness article about designer supplements and the billions of dollars Americans spend each year. The main market for these supplements are young men who desire to achieve the ideal male physique.

Can supplement companies outsmart nature?

Gaining muscle is difficult. For a guy to get a ripped, muscular physique, he has to literally live the lifestyle. And when two out of every three people are overweight or obese, this society does not make it easy to get lean.

Supplement companies make big promises. Increased muscularity, massive muscle pumps, shredded abdominals, and stronger libido can be found on the labels of fitness supplements. With these pills, they promise, you can use advanced technology to gain muscle.

But this is foolish because nature got it right the first time. In fact, the robustness of the immune system is intrinsically linked to the potential strength and power output of every gym goer. That means you need a functioning immune system for a big bench press.

Everything you need…you can find in nature, almost.

I just received a good multi-vitamin as a free sample from a top company. But, looking at the ingredients, and considering the foods I consumed today, I can’t imagine that I’ll be even using this multivitamin. To give you a clue of the food I ate today, it included eight pieces of fruits, and at least ten servings of vegetables, along with lentils and quinoa. Why in the world would I need a multivitamin?

But, there are a few minor essential elements that my diet lacks…

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids — so I take fish oil supplement daily.

Vitamin D — so I take Vitamin-D 4,000 IU every other day.

Recovery Drink (Carb/Protein) —  I do support the use of a designer Recovery Drink with simple carbs and whey protein to consume following workouts. A designer recovery drink can really boost muscle growth, hormone levels, and fat loss.

Focus on the core essentials

The American food system doesn’t make it easy to get enough nutrients, but no one ever said life was easy. If you really want a ripped body, you’ve got to dedicate yourself to healthy food at least 80% of the time.

And if you want to have some extra fun, then try out more supplements, because a lot of them actually WILL give you a boost. Just focus on the core first.

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