Top 5 Raw Honeys for Anti-Viral, Immune Support, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, and More

Real honey has proven therapeutic benefits.

Most people will digest honey well and experience the benefits of it.

Honey is one of the most perfect survival and storage foods as bacteria and viruses won’t be able to grow and honey contains a tremendous amount of energy and nutrients. It has a low moisture content, which keeps it preserved for longer periods of time. Even though you can store it, the nutrient value remains high.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the most powerful honey’s that I have personally consumed, experienced, and rated.

Top 5 Most Beneficial Raw Honey’s for antioxidants, immune support, health, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micronutrients, phytonutrients:

Let’s just go ahead and start this list!

1. Tualang Black Honey

Did you get sticker shock when you saw the price?

Most people are not accustomed to eating wild food and they might benefit even more from something like this. The darkness of the honey (black) indicates significantly higher antioxidant value than your typical grocery store bought honey. The wisdom of nature is strong in this one. Research has backed this up.

Findings thus far show that, TH has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimutagenic, antitumor, and antidiabetic properties, in addition to wound-healing attributes.

Even though this might be the most expensive honey you buy, no doubt the value is there.

This stuff tastes good to me, but just know that it will be more bitter than the normal honey you might be used to.

2. Manuka Honey

Most people have heard about the topical benefits of manuka honey, but not everybody knows that it is just as healthy to use internally. I used to work at a supplement store years ago and people would come in to buy manuka honey to heal their wounds. More research suggests that it is also great for dental, oral health and so much more.

“Therapeutic Manuka Honey: No Longer So Alternative”

Our results showed that honey, in general, and particularly manuka honey, has potent inhibitory activity against the influenza virus, demonstrating a potential medicinal value

Manuka honey has a pretty smooth texture and taste. It goes great with greek yogurt in my opinion!

3. Marri or Jarrah Honey

These honey’s I’ve listed can be pretty intense. Thick and dark, sweet but subdued. The flavor is unique for sure.

Jarrah and marri honey: A liquid goldrush of medical benefits

Independent testing of jarrah and marri honey in New Zealand in 2016 found that it had stronger antimicrobial properties than the much prized manuka honey

“Diversity is a very good thing because … what we end up with is stronger therapeutic outcomes.”

The good stuff is out there. I hope to bring awareness to it!

4. Wild Oregano Honey

If you’ve been in the alternative or holistic scene for a bit, you’ve probably heard of the benefits of oregano oil for the immune system, but you may not have heard about oregano honey. First off, yes, there is a nice spicy aroma that hits you when you open this jar of honey. It is quite an experience to enjoy the flavors and the immune boosting benefits.

Namely, melanoidins content, phenolic content, electrical conductivity, and mineral content were shown to be positively influencing the gained antibacterial activity.

This is a truly special and unique honey. I personally feel that oregano oil extract is a bit too harsh on my body, so if I can experience the benefits of oregano in a wild/raw food form, then I’m all for it.

5. Black Seed / Cumin Honey

Just like the other honeys, the flavor is intense. The antioxidants are high and the price is a good value considering the benefits.

…[used] as a natural remedy for many disorders like cough, jaundice and gastrointestinal disorders.

There is a common Islamic belief that the black seed is a panacea (universal healer) which is a remedy for all ailments

I really enjoyed this honey and will be buying it again.

Will you let food be your medicine?

I cannot diagnose, cure, or prescribe anything for you… only educate.

I implore you to redefine your view of, “natural / alternative,” health.

We need for “alternative remedies” that actually work for people to go mainstream. Including food such as raw honey into your lifestyle could provide many nutrients that you didn’t even know you needed!

Stay tuned. Follow the blog for updates.

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What are the benefits of BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) for Fat Loss?

This is a brief article to describe the potential positive effects of BCAA’s for fat loss.

Good supplements should be designed with effectiveness in mind. The physical components of essential amino acids are easily digestible using powder or capsule BCAA supplements. Many BCAA supplements contain little or no calories so it will add nutrient density to a calorie restricted diet.

Burning fat on a calorie restricted diet

This specific combination of essential amino acids provide energy and clean burning muscle nutrients.

Fat loss on a caloric restricted diet is more likely to be successful when it is low in sugar, alcohol, and processed foods. You should be plant strong as well.

When to take BCAA

There are several occasions but the best bang for the buck is around the workout period. So…

1. Take BCAA before/during/or/after the workout. I would take it about 15-30 minutes prior to a workout to let it digest. If I knew my workout was going to be long (more than 75 minutes), then I would sip on it to improve fitness gains.

2. During short eating windows and diet, BCAA can be a life saving nutrient for the good cells. In other words, say you decide to eat only between a 10 hour period in the day — you would probably lose weight. By consuming the BCAA’s during time of fasting (the other 14 hours), you will preserve cells which are capable of signaling the fat burning process. And let the fat burn baby.

Where to find it?

It’s everywhere.


Stay tuned…

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4 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Natural Health, Wellness and RECOVERY

Have you heard of Tea Tree Oil?

Renowned for the power it bestows upon the skin of man. Tea Tree Oil has found widespread use throughout the entire world because it is a more reliable remedy than many.

The leaves grow naturally near ponds in Australia which are known to this day as healing waters

The leaves grow naturally near ponds in Australia which are known to this day as healing waters

Even better, tea tree oil is LOADED with studies suggesting the benefits to be reflective of reality.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

So there you have it, tea tree oil may promote the strengthening of damaged or infected tissue. Find on Amazon.

Tips on using tea tree oil

  1. Tea tree oil is for external use and is toxic to humans and animals if ingested.
  2. For sensitive areas, you can dilute with clean water or other oils to good effect.
  3. When used properly it sanitizes, sterilizes, disinfects, cleanses and purifies the skin
  4. Want to heal faster? In conjunction with tea tree oil, you can use other oils that are rich in antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins/minerals such as Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, Rose Hips Seed Oil, Calendula Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut oil and other extracts)

The leaves of tea tree survive and grow in temperatures considered quite harsh — demonstrating that this plant is capable of protecting itself and even thriving in a challenging environment.

Thankfully the oils work in synergy with the life and ecosystem of our skin… promoting a more healthy you.

Stay tuned for more…



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3 Secrets to Fat Loss: Reduce Stress!

Let’s talk about burning fat from your body

First of all, lets be clear about the basics

A very famous strongman from the old days

Okay–lets keep this simple.

1. Start by reducing calories by 300 per day in the first week.

With a goal of reducing calories by 300 at a time, you should be able to achieve this without major changes to your lifestyle.

2. Exercise is an important stimulus

Physical activity allows for the growth and renewal of cellular processes– we call this Recovery. During the Recovery period (often between 12-48 hours) your metabolism will be running more efficiently. Now you’re in a position to retain muscle while oxidizing fat cells. Awesome!

Recovery is even more important than exercise.

Recovery is even more important than exercise.

3. Reduce Stress

People who are stressed out have a harder time recovering.

Tips for stress reduction

  • Sleep at least 7 hours and the sooner after dark the more effective the sleep

  • Eat a plant-strong diet consisting of a variety of vegetables, stalks, roots, seeds, berries, and especially leafy greens! Lean proteins and essential fatty acid containing proteins are valuable too.

  • ...keep it natural...

    …keep it natural…

  • Herbs and nutrient ideas: Ashwaganda, Maitake (and variety of medicinal mushrooms), Magnesium, Trace Minerals, Vitamin D, Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids, certain antioxidant blends, and Super Food powders… a personal favorite.

  • 60+ minutes light exercise per day (walking, doing chores, gardening, cleaning, organizing)

  • 20 minutes of Intense exercise 4x/weekly (HIIT training, hill repeats, bodyweight circuit training, etc)

Well hope that helps– thanks for stopping by Dre Fitness…

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Thoughts on Cyclical Nature of health and wellness

Most of what we know about life.

Is Cyclical

occurring in cycles; recurrent.

The cycles which effect life are mostly out of our control. Therefore, just as you can imagine people going through harsh winters, we must adapt (or move the heck outta there!).

Adaptation occurs through cycles

Sleep. Wake. Eat. Move. Rest. Eat. Sleep


By eating certain foods, we add stimulus into the systems — the cycles become enhanced by antioxidants and energizing nutrients.

Cycle your fruits and vegetables, especially your supplements

Variety of beneficial nutrients is key. Focus on one goal at a time. Such as: Consume kale three times per week.

The following week you will be able to experiment with other fruits and vegetables. Listen to how your body feels when you eat these foods. If you are eating “enough” fruits and vegetables, then you should look very lean in the midsection.

Power of the Mind

Supplement Uses


  • Enzymes (absorb nutrients from food, reduce bloating)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (stimulates digestive function, among other benefits)


  • Probiotics (mutually beneficial relationship between human and bacteria)
  • Greens (powdered greens equaling five servings of vegetables in one scoop)


  • Bee Pollen Granules (nature’s most complete food, full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids)


  • Whey Protein (extremely pure form of protein that feeds muscle, organ, and human tissue)
  • Rhodiola Rosea (a favorite herbal adaptogen to reduce stress and boost livelihood)


  • Fish Oil, Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid (one of nature’s most essential oils that your cells probably aren’t getting enough of)

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