Orangetheory promotes itself as a program that helps people get, “more life.”

As a coach, I can definitely attest that OTF gave me more life in ways I never previously imagined.

I like to say that I have, “graduated,” from OTF because while the career progression wasn’t there for me there, I always knew that there would continue to be opportunities to improve one’s skills in working with people as individuals and in groups.

10 Personal Benefits of Orangetheory Fitness:

1. I learned how to run a sub-5 minute mile (by watching members).

This sounds like I’m bragging, but it is the physical accomplishment which I am most proud of from OTF workouts. Just because I am a fitness person doesn’t mean it comes naturally to me without effort. Aside from formal exercise training, such as attending Orangetheory sponsored run clinics with experts in the field, much of what I learned about running was from observation of members who excelled in it.

I looked at the form, mindset, and attitude of consistently high performing runners and I implemented pieces of their technique into my own personal form. While I was running, I imagined their efforts and I incorporated it into my posture. If you’re reading this, shoutout to Justin R, Taylor, Kyle and more. There have been many true inspirations for me that I have had the privilege to witness as part of my coaching job.

2. All people deserve attention.

We are social creatures and we need attention in order to actualize a healthy lifestyle.

When I first started coaching, I found it easy to give attention to people similar to me, but it took much trial and error and a serious determination to be able to give the right kind of attention to a diverse group of people.

Anytime I would experience uncomfortable situations with members, I would always reexamine the experience and think about what I could have done differently. Not only that, I always thought about what was the root cause, the intention, and it often humbled me.

I can’t tell you how many nights I laid in bed thinking about conflicts, whether it was worth it, and pretty much every time I could take ownership of the misconnection, for better or worse.

3. Names matter greatly.

You’ve probably heard it many times or read it in books, but names are of incredible importance. It takes me some serious effort to remember names and yet the interactions are so much more powerful for both of us.

I realized that many conflicts and misunderstandings could be PREVENTED by the simple rapport building action as using names. People want to be seen and to be recognized, naturally.

While I certainly couldn’t win over everybody, the simple use of names was probably the number one most important behavior in effective coaching.

4. It’s always about you, I need to put my needs/desires aside.

While coaching does fulfil a fundamental need for me to be a useful, contributing member to society, ultimately the experience must be, “you,” focused.

Instead of thinking, “oh gosh, that person jumping the rails is a poor reflection on my class,” it should be, “that person could get injured and I can help them prevent that.”

By focusing on, “what’s in it for them?” I can phrase my language and cueing in ways that can promote buy-in and thus enhance exercise motivation and adherence. The members can feel that their experience is truly valued, honored, and respected and they’ll be willing to push harder when I ask them to.

5. How to grow a fitness business.

A lot of personal trainers go into the industry based on passion and education even though sales are a large part of a sustainable and growing fitness business.

I have always strived to use honesty and integrity even when others around me used misleading sales tactics, which has sometimes not put me at the top of the leaderboard.

However, being a part of Orangetheory Seattle’s growth from when we literally had nothing and zero members to over a thousand at Capitol Hill has taught me many lessons about growing a fitness business.

Word of mouth and relationships are of extreme value as well as focusing on the mission of service. I know that many large companies are ruthless in their strategies, which is why you as the consumer may appreciate the smaller, local businesses.

I am excited to build myself up to a point where I can hire my own employees and treat them right. Enough said.

6. I learned how to wake up at 3:40 AM and perform early in the morning.

As formerly a night person, adjusting my schedule to wake up early and coach the 4:45 AM / 5:00 AM slots was truly life changing. Fact of the matter is that when you start early, you can simply get more done.

The best part about working out in the morning is that you don’t allow excuses to get in the way of your fitness needs. While working out anytime is better than not working out, exercise adherence can be promoted by getting in early and getting it done.

I also had the privilege to work with people who also chose to wake up early and they are a wonderful type of human.

7. How to love myself and others.

I know it is somewhat cliché for a coach to talk about loving yourself, but love really is the weapon. It can slice through hatred, disinterest, disengagement, apathy, ego, and so much more.

If we assume that love is action, then action must be taken in meaningful ways. Intentional movement is love, including gait, squatting, hinging, lunging, pulling, pressing, rotation, and carries.

I still struggle for self-love, but I have learned that loving others is also a way of self-love. Taking action for the purpose of altruism has inherent benefits which cannot exactly be quantified. Giving without expecting anything in return communicates strength of values and an abundance mentality.

Many of the conflicts that I have experienced or been a part of were related to ego in some way and being able to let go of myself and surrender to the universe has been truly enlightening.

Even though I go through profound periods of darkness, I believe that it is necessary for my transformation and thus supports the loving transformation of others around me.

Love fate. I am going to die, anyway, so let’s appreciate every moment we have. One day, I hope to die with honor and with dignity.

8. The importance of being in the moment.

There are unlimited opportunities and possibilities in the grand scheme of things, but there is a finite attention, time and awareness.

Coaching workout classes is so much safer and effective when the coach is truly there with you and not thinking about other things or other places.

My most effective methods of staying in the moment are to moderate or eliminate hyper-stimulating activities from the lifestyle. I am no longer ashamed to admit this, as I am pursuing authenticity in my voice, and that is the activities that detract from my presence are the following: video games, alcohol, marijuana, and pornography. For me personally, I must limit or abstain from these substances in order to effectively stay in the moment and live the life I was meant to live.

Fate is what happens to you, and love it for what it is. Destiny, however, is guided by your own intent and action — you are on the path to greatness. Maybe, you have to let go of that which holds you back.

Are you in this moment?

9. Just how personal nutrition is.

As a group instructor, it is outside the scope of practice to recommend nutritional guidance, which is why I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. However, at OTF, I learned just how personal nutrition is and how many different, strongly held beliefs there are from having conversations with members.

Now that I have such an appreciation for individuality, I intend to meet people where they are and help them in their own path instead of trying to convert them to any which way.

I can guarantee that what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. All bodies are different and unique, even twins. The microbiome is constantly evolving based on lifestyle and nutritional input.

If you are looking for more knowledge about supporting your own bio-individuality, make sure to subscribe to the blog.

10. How to correct form quickly and supportively.

You’ll notice that not all OTF coaches correct form even though it is an essential job duty as it represents extreme value and safety. Part of this is because it’s difficult to approach a moving person with their own thoughts, beliefs, and values.

I guarantee most OTF coaches have tried to help others and at one point felt snubbed, which is discouraging to say the least. This is why correcting form must come from a place of love rather than ego or any other way. Support and encouragement are valuable as well as being non-judgmental.

While many people are already bought-in to the idea of having form corrected, simple statements such as, “I’m only doing this because I care about you and your spine and your ability to stand upright for the rest of your life,” can go a long way to achieving buy-in. Tonality, enthusiasm, and care in the way it is said also matters.

This is one reason why OTF coaches can become amazing personal trainers because they are given SO. MANY. OPPORTUNITIES to correct form on all kinds of body types and fitness backgrounds. When you get into 1-on-1 experiences with an experienced coach, having had these opportunities to give feedback is truly golden.

Life is a journey, you have a story, and your gift is your energy.

Growing up, I wish I had more guidance. Now, I’ve realized that my failures and accomplishments have given me a unique perspective which can support human spirit and the collective consciousness.

My next challenge in life is consistency. Consistency in the blog, YouTube, Instagram, and progression with my people so that they can get the results they need!

I greatly appreciate all members, coaches, mentors and colleagues whose paths have intersected with mine. It is of great duty and privilege to be able to do work that has meaningful value to me and to have connected with a diverse group of people.

Thank you for attention and for your support. May you be blessed today!

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