Billions of people around the world struggle to maintain healthy activity during coronavirus.

Before coronavirus lockdowns, I was a full-time fitness instructor who coached HIIT classes for over a hundred people per day. I used to wake up at 3:40 AM on most days and it was an honor and a pleasure to be part of those people’s lives.

Now I find myself lonely at times, but I am still maintaining my fitness and I want to share the reasons why so that it can help you succeed.

1. Because it’s too painful not to.

Exercise and fitness is about health and well-being. When I don’t exercise, not only do my muscles atrophy, so do my lungs, my heart, and even worse — my brain.

I need to keep my glutes and core strong so that I don’t experience lower back pain. I need to have some sense of mental wellness. The consequences of not exercising are simply to painful to bear.

2. For family: Past / Present / Future.

Do I have to fight off a woolly mammoth like my ancestors? No, but I had better honor their legacy and their struggle.

I want to make my parents proud of me because even though my childhood wasn’t perfect, they still invested in me and I respect them.

For my future children, I need to keep my seed strong so that they have a chance of living a better life than me. Sperm is cheap, but not my sperm.

3. To be a healthy role model for others.

I don’t want idolation or adoration. I don’t want blind followers.

My intent is to make a true impact on others.

In essence, I want to BE a great man, not TALK about it.

4. Self defense and security.

I am privileged to feel mostly safe walking around at night in my neighborhood, but not so much lately with riots and defunding of police.

It’s obvious that we must become more self-reliant in this new pandemic reality. I intend to be able to defend myself and to provide security for my dear loved ones.

With a strong upper body, I wield the tools of power. With quick feet, I am first on the scene to deliver aid. With mental fortitude, I bestow compassion and kindness even to my greatest enemies.

Furthermore, exercising will help your immune system and give you defense against disease!

5. To build community.

I welcome all who move their bodies with purpose. All types of modalities are accepted in my domain.

Runners, cyclists, yogis, lifters, rowers, walkers, and more.

YOU are all welcome here!

6. Seeking discomfort.

I have wasted lifetimes allowing myself to be comfortable with mediocrity. Please, do not believe that I am judging you for what I am about to say. I am only saying these things because I let these things detract me from my true mission in life.

Video games, binge shopping, pornography and more. It’s comfortable to sit in my room alone pwning master level Starcraft 2 players, but what have I really accomplished?

You know what is uncomfortable? The tension of approaching somebody you find beautiful or highly important.

Staying sober is uncomfortable.

Running a sub 5 minute mile is uncomfortable.

Discomfort is growth.

The only comfort I need at this point is the knowledge that I will die one day. Let me rest in comfort when I die, but until then, I need to live this life dutifully and with dignity.

7. To eat more healthier food!

The nice thing about exercise is that you burn a lot of calories and then you can enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures: eating food.

In reality, while I would not shame you for eating comfort food, I know that you would ultimately feel better after consuming nutrients that your body actually needs.

I have a tendency to overeat because I really enjoy fats and oils. I would say that the most prominent macronutrient in my life is fat so for me I need to be mindful of that. However, fat is also essential so the most important thing is to find a balance!

8. Movement unlocks freedom, even ecstasy.

To me, there is nothing more freeing than conquering a steep hill with my own two legs. There are so many people who WISH that they could move like you can, but are you taking it for granted right now?

Another type of movement that makes me experience higher consciousness is from dance. Even though I like to learn moves, I mostly just let myself move however I intuitively feel to the emotions of the song — and every song is different!

9. Working out is a Ritual.

I suppose you could say that I am religious about exercise, but I promise you that I am not dogmatic. I am open to the possibility of enlightenment from all diverse forms of movement.

That being said, exercise has become a ritual to me. I have made a full commitment to exercise.

It is not a matter of if you should exercise, it is when.

10. To look good.

Look, I’m experienced enough to know that you don’t need huge muscles in order to be attractive to other people.

However, I do believe that athletic people can move with a magnificent grace and that they can exhibit beauty in the human form.

I am a person who appreciates beauty in all forms and I feel compelled to manifest beauty into my life as a spiritual being.

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    1. Chris, thank you! I miss welcoming you into the studio and cheering you on the treadmill. Thanks for sharing a comment 🙂

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