(See Part 1 here) ANTI-INFLAMMATORY diet for Joint Pain Relief

Could it be a mineral deficiency?Food alone can sometimes make or break your joints. With the American diet a high risk for diabetes, is it any wonder that more and more people require hip and knee replacements?

The first line of defense: Omega-3’s

Imagine two civilizations. One society has flawless connections of roads, passageways, and solid fortifying structures. The other town, unfortunately, has only dirt roads, clogged connections, and consistent smoke. Where would you prefer to live?

The fatty acids known as Omega-3’s are naturally anti-inflammatory and have many roles for the smooth functioning of our joints and bodies.

Unfortunately, most people consume significantly too many Omega-6 fatty acids from animal products and vegetable oils. Omega-6‘s are like Engineers, whereas Omega-3‘s are like Top Chefs. If you go to a restaurant, wouldn’t you rather have a Top Chef prepare your meal?

Thats the whole idea behind balance: If you don’t have any Top Chefs, instead you’ll have Engineers attempting to prepare fine cuisine. Ultimately, the Engineers will cook some food, but it will pale in comparison best quality as the Chef’s food (engineer food could even be Harmful!). Thats how it works in your body, and thats why Omega-3s are REALLY important.

Omega-3 can be found in Wild Fish (salmon, tuna, etc), Flaxseed, and Walnuts. Additional supplementation is usually recommended.

Vitamin D: Pro-hormone and Bone Builder

We all know that Vitamin D can be synthesized from sunlight. Well, how much sunlight are you getting right now?

Vitamin D is most well known for aiding the absorption of Calcium for bones, even though it has many more functions in the body. I get a customer every single day who tells me their blood test showed a Vitamin D deficiency. I show them exactly where to solve that issue.

A study indicated that a group of people with chronic lower back pain reduced symptoms in 85% of individuals just by daily Vitamin D supplementation.

Most people should take between 1,000 and 2,000 IU (International Units) per day in a soft gel form. And it helps.

Turmeric: Nature’s Anti-inflammatory spice

More and more people are choosing Turmeric supplementation in pill form or to spice up their meals. Turns out that Turmeric is a COX2 inhibitor and works like Ibuprofen without the negative intestinal side effects.

Great for anti-inflammatory response, but not so much for chronic injuries to the tendons.

Each person’s individual case is important to consider for anti-inflammatory needs, even though many people receive benefits from the healing powers of Turmeric.

Joint Pain is Solved inside and out

A healthy diet is imperative for fixing those joints and pains — not to mention getting lean and disease prevention. This is just one more reason why healthy eating is no joke. Indulge in health by turning that hamburger into a Salmon Burgerone step at a time for pain-free living.


  1. Great pointers on how to decrease body pain and increase overall health and well being! Something your readers who experience joint pain, and I mean at any joint, might try is walking and exercising barefoot. Doing this will activate and strengthen the posterior chain muscles responsible for shock absorption including the muscles of the toes and bottom of the foot, ankles, calves, hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. Many Peoples’ posterior chain muscles become underdeveloped and can even atrophy due to walking in constricting shoes with heals and sitting for prolonged periods causing an overactivation of the quads, which can lead to knee and hip destabilization causing pain from the ankles all the way up to the head. Barefoot exercise increases central nervous system activation, which can aid muscle strength and hypertrophy as well as increasing body awareness and balance. Walking barefoot helps to resolve issues emanating from tightness of the network of muscle and connective tissue, or myofascia, which runs from the bottom of the feet, behind the legs, up the back, all the way to the forehead; problems such as knee, hip, and lower back pain, tendon tightness in the ankles and hamstrings, slouching posture, shoulder pain, neck pain, and even tension headaches.
    I would recommend starting off slowly by simply taking one’s shoes off while at home. One can progress from there by taking barefoot walks on soft surfaces like sand or grass and then doing short jogs barefoot. I personally enjoy sprinting while barefoot and have gone barefoot in the gym while doing squats, deadlifts, lunges, farmers walks, etc. I know Mr. Ellison is fond of overhead squats for total body strength and conditioning, why not try them barefoot? Remember to focus on good posture, deep breathing, and balance. If you worry about hurting the soles of your feet and/or your gym doesn’t allow barefoot lifting you can try Vribram Five Fingers; shoes that have little toes made for each little piggy, which offer all the advantages of going barefoot, but decrease the chance of injury. If you decide to make a habit out of going barefoot its important to note that one’s feet will likely widen and possible lengthen, causing your old shoes to become inadequate and uncomfortable for your new, and improved, powerful feet. And if you opt for the Vibrams be careful to select a size that will accommodate this foot growth.
    Going barefoot may strike some folks at odd, people may stare at you during your barefoot workout, but before you know it instead of just staring at your naked feet, their eyes will be drawn upward by your powerfully developed posterior… chain that is.
    Besides that you’ll be enjoying less joint pain and a new conversation starter with the fine folks at your preferred place of exercise.

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  3. andre! awesome article, as usual. I like the idea of switching out the hamburger for the Salmon burger, it’s something I guess I never considered but now can’t wait to try!

    and curtis, great comment! I’ll be sure to try the barefoot lifestyle out and see if it “fits.”

  4. Unfortunately some people can not digest/absorb all the vitamins and minerals and protein in the foods they eat. Supplements play a key role in improving the bodies ability to heal and repair. Unless you have no tastebuds whatsoever, I recommend finding a high quality fish oil capsule, the liquid leave a lot to be desired as far as “a tasty treat”. lol

    And unfortunately for my young gymnast, going barefoot and working our 12-16 hours per week caused serious damage to her feet. She can barely make it through a store now. However, one of her big issues is hydration, so its possible we could see an improvement in her pain level if we could get more water down her.

    As for salmon burgers…yum yum

  5. Totally agree about the right (balanced) diet to affect the whole body. It’s not that difficult to startt out just by switching out one item as a time, nut sure about salmonn burgers though! 90% of diet is actually habit, if you ask most people to write down what they eat, it’s usually a pretty small list. So making a big change vitamin-wise is not soo hard.

  6. Very true about nutrition and health! They are finding more links to diet, disease and health every day. Be sure to make sure there are not structural changes though. Injuries and damage to discs and vertebrae need to be evaluated properly.

  7. Gouty arthritis definitely must be seen as an unpleasant illness, my man is suffering from the disease for numerous years already. It is extremely nerve-racking to me, seeing an important relative experience severe joint pain all too often. Following an adequate food regimen for prophylaxis and making use of proper treatment options is something I consider crucial. I strongly recommend everybody who is presently noticing the first clues of joint pain to by any means take this really serious. You should visit a health care professional better sooner than later and alter your eating routine to prevent the outbreak of the illness. It is anything but fun, thats for sure. Try to look for reasonable therapies and stay away from purine rich meals, wine etc to take prophylactic measure!

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