Three Must-Eat Foods for Fitness, Fat Loss, Health, and Disease Prevention

The Science of Nutrition continues to make advances in discovering the keys to a fat loss lifestyle.

When it comes to burning fat, there is one thing we all have in common: IT’S NEVER EASY. Okay, well maybe it’s easy for a short period of time, but for sustainable fat loss and lean lifestyle it will definitely take some effort. 

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What I ate today and why it matters

I’m mostly mindful with my food.

It matters that I think about food a lot. Even though I still enjoy the pleasures of some foods more than others, consuming balanced nutrition is not easy to do.


One of the best carne asada I have had in the Puget Sound area, but I couldn’t eat like this every day — or could I.

Just look around at the actions of people and you will notice that it really is difficult to keep the healthy eating patterns.

It all begins in the morning.

I don’t really have a lot of time in the morning, whether I’m tweaking the playlists or twerking in the shower (not true).

Today, I woke up and mixed a whey protein isolate shake with water. I like that particular brand of powder because it mixes easily and digests well. This gave me some revitalizing and so I got ready to head to the studio.

I also sipped on some pomegranate juice because lately the QFC has had a two-for-one deal on the big POM juices. Even though there is the sugar content, I do feel that some antioxidants like pomegranates are the real pharmacy – you know what I’m saying.

Fortunate for an afternoon meal.

I finished a block of morning work and was able to reach my apartment with ease even though the wind was blowing like crazy. Today’s lunch was around 2:00 PM and included two pieces of baked trout and a pound of asparagus.

With the asparagus, I either steam or satay it so that it finishes before the Steelhead. Once the asparagus finishes, I eat as much as I can because I haven’t had a solid meal since before this and hungry enough to appreciate bitter foods.

I am practical about this meal and realize that I probably won’t be making more vegetables later on, so I’m just going to eat them all. As long as I get enough greens for the day, it really doesn’t matter when.

I’m about halfway through my plate of asparagus when I take the fish out of the oven. It is flaky perfection. The oily goodness and soft textures make this protein delicious as it is fresh out of the oven. I don’t even care about the bones.

Kombucha to top it off and then I don’t eat for a while.

Breakfast for dinner.

Eggs are a protein source that I used to eat often but haven’t eaten much lately and of course there was a sale on the eggs I like today. Since I had some fresh eggs, I decided to prepare them for my last meal of the day.

I turn on the stove top to medium, get my pan ready and scoop a tablespoon of coconut oil onto the hot pan. The eggs go in, and today I ate eight eggs and make it four whole eggs and four egg whites.

Why today did I decide not to eat all the whole eggs?

Because, avocado. Since the avocados are a great source of healthy fats, I was able to reduce the fat content of my protein by taking out some of the yolks.

Not to mention, with pepper, herbs, and/or seasoning, it is delicious again! Taste my favorite of the senses.

People who drink a lot of water, I’m proud of you.

People who drink a lot of water are doing it right. It’s a relatively simple habit and largely possibly thing to do that helps fitness. Make the habit of drinking water over the day and it will help the body head to toe.

Thank you and stay tuned all!

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Why is Recovery more important than workouts for Fat Loss?

Power up your workouts 

Many people will reach a fat-loss plateau if their workouts have no progression. You need progressive resistance techniques. You must strive to do more physical work in a shorter time period.

The body always seeks to adapt, therefore the work is never truly done.

Kneeling Pallof Press

Challenge in new ways, kneeling cable pallof press for core strength and stability

Always strive for more, while understanding that recovery is even more important than your workouts.

You will burn more fat outside of a workout 

By focusing on recovery, you will burn more fat in the day than you could ever burn during a one hour workout session. Here are some practical recovery trips:


  • Consume lean protein and ideally a nutrient dense carbohydrate within 0-60 minutes post-workout
    • example: eggs/beans, chicken/rice, protein powder/designer carbohydrate, etc
  • Move around and stay active
    • stretches (especially dynamic stretches), bodyweight squats and hip bridges, going for a brisk walk, outdoor activities, jumps/leaps or sports
  • Consume lean protein at every meal 
    • feed the lean, simple as that
  • Prioritize sleep
    • examples: drink relaxing tea after dinner, minimize exposure to light in the hours before bed, try a melatonin if you are forced into a different sleep schedule (such as shift work), naps
  • Hydrate with water 
  • Eat living food with active cultures and live probiotic bacteria
    • You want to support the symbiotic colonies that make your digestion even possible.
    • Having a healthy gut ecosystem affects all things human (from the smell of your feet, reproductive health, and even whether you’re more likely to burn additional fat)
    • Other option is eating pre-biotic (food that is pre-curser to the natural bacteria present from birth). Examples: ginger, banana, onions etc
  • REMEMBER: Muscle groups can take between 12-36 hours to recover and a big part depends on your lifestyle factors

I would always kick your butt in a workout and leave you destroyed, but unless the recovery is a priority for you then we have to possibly limit the intensity of your workouts.

Bonus: things that hurt recovery

  1. Alcohol
  2. No sleep
  3. Stress

If fat burn is your priority, avoid those and deal with it.

Thanks for reading people, stay tuned..

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Food is healthful, healing, and promotes Fat LOSS for Lean muscle tone

We have come a long way in the types and varieties of foods we consume.

You could go find quite a pleasure of food on busy commercial streets like Broadway and Pike/Pine in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Appealing places to go in Seattle

Appealing places to go in Seattle


At the same time, visit the block convenience store and there’s nothing but bagged chips and greasy or sugary foods. Is that even food?

How do some people seem to have a healthy relationship with food?

Many of the people who become conscious of their eating habits are the ones who have experienced some sort of low in their life. Or maybe they just want to be better. To feel better. Enjoy a sense of vitality. Freedom of moment. Unrestricted access to confidence in your step. Fitness.


Food is life

There is much which cannot be explained inside the human body, more specifically in your human body. We are all some sort of ecosystem, with many trillions of bacteria that give us benefit for providing a safe home.

Focus on being healthy from the inside out

Focus on being healthy from the inside out

Sometimes the system goes out of balance and then you can experience a loss of equilibrium. You feel out of whack. It could have to do with the (im)balance of bacteria in your gut causing negative systemic reactions. This is just one very important part of the fat-loss process, to heal the gut will almost always promote a leaner you.

It’s about the gut to become lean with fat loss and to stay lean thereafter

You can do something good about it today

  • Consume fresh vegetables
  • Enjoy unsweetened probiotic beverage or healthy fermented foods
  • Living foods promote living well

It’s about healing first. Then it’s about longevity and anti-aging.

That’s big for fat loss too

Being lean means so much more than having visible muscle tone

Being lean means so much more than having visible muscle tone

Stay tuned for more my readers…


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What should you eat before and after a HIIT workout?

Pre and Post-Workout nutrition enhances the effectiveness of your workouts

Let’s talk about some benefits of consuming some nutrition before the workout.

Do you want to reduce body fat and get lean? Use nutrient timing to enhance fat loss and get lean.

Carbs can be your friend, if you stay active

Carbs can be your friend, if you stay active

Pre-Workout Nutrition benefits

If you consume nutrition pre-workout, you may:

  • Fuel your workout, so you push harder and make progressions
  • Feel energized and improve recovery for afterwards
  • Preserve more lean tissue while eliminating fat

We can talk about the post-workout foods next.

Post-Workout Nutrition benefits

Consuming nutrition post-workout is very valuable for these reasons

  • Faster muscle recovery and potentially reduces soreness
  • Increases protein synthesis to protect muscle and burn fat
  • Helps with recovery of many systems in the body
  • Best time to consume nutrition is within 0 to 60 minutes of exercise

What should you eat pre/before and post/after a workout?

Most of the nutrition research and our experiences lead us to the same elements.

  1. Water
  2. Protein or amino acids
  3. Carbohydrates
Supplements can make it easy, especially if you aren't hungry after the workout

Supplements can make it easy, especially if you aren’t hungry after the workout

The protein is necessary for muscle recovery, even if your number 1 goal is to burn fat. The carbohydrates also improve muscle recovery by drawing more protein and refilling the stored muscular energy. If the calories are low enough, you will burn a lot of fat and be able to feel great after your workout.

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Fresh Juice for Fat Loss and Detox

Have you or your friends ever gone on a juice detox?

Maybe there is some benefit to going on a juice cleanse, but I am more in the category of having fresh juice as a regular part of your diet. What are the benefits of fresh juice for fat loss?

Benefits of Fresh Juice include…

There are many benefits to fresh juice.

  • Extremely high antioxidant value
  • Very easy to digest so it supports the gut health and therefore the immune system
  • Provides a plethora of easily absorbed vitamins and minerals
  • Takes the work and time out of eating a lot of vegetables

My favorite juice

Carrot / Beet / Ginger

Extremely high nutrient density found in this fresh Carrot/Beet/Ginger/Parsley juice and Wheatgrass shot.

Extremely high nutrient density found in this fresh Carrot/Beet/Ginger/Parsley juice and Wheatgrass shot.

Let’s examine a little bit deeper here.

Carrots: A fantastic base for the juice and actually juices very well so your juicing machine processes it well. Tons of beta-carotene which can be converted inside the body to Vitamin A if needed. Tastes great and protects your skin from free radicals.

Beets: I could go on and on about beets. The antioxidants in beets are superior for the immune system and other components of beets have been proven over and over again to improve the oxygen pathways in and out of the cells. Beets are nature’s version of N.O. Xplode, except way better for you. Beets also support kidney and liver detox and so much more.

Ginger: Wow, Ginger truly is the “Great Root” as branded by Rachel’s Ginger Beer here in Seattle. I remember reading about the benefits of ginger from a book by the founder of New Chapter herbs. Aside from the potent anti-inflammatory effects of ginger (to support recovery), Ginger improves the composition of bacteria in the body. In fact, research is showing that the combination of bacteria in your gut may be related to your ability to burn fat. IF your stomach bacteria is opportunistic and unhealthy, you will struggle to lose weight. On the other hand, if you have many healthy symbiotic bacterial colonies in your stomach, then fat loss comes easier. Ginger, you are the great root.

I love this juice. It helps me make up for the not-so-good things that I might partake in or be exposed to. From there, you can add so many things… Lemon, kale, parsley, garlic, cucumber, celery, apple, orange, etc etc.

Fresh Juice is your ally, Odwalla is not.

There’s a cost/benefit decision that must be made for most things in life. Fresh Juice contains tons of antioxidants, enzymes, and an overall abundance of nutrients so it is worth drinking these liquid calories. On the other hand, pasteurized store-bought juice is no longer a “living food.”

If you were thirsty, you could probably drink this in a minute or less. That's nearly 60 grams of sugar instantly being digested and likely being stored as body fat

If you were thirsty, you could probably drink this in a minute or less. That’s nearly 60 grams of sugar instantly being digested and likely being stored as body fat

Moreover, pasteurized store-bought juice typically uses apple and other sweet fruits as a base, therefore the sugar content is sure to wreck a would-be dieter’s fat loss plans. The sugar in fresh juice (such as carrot sugar) is offset by all the veggies and enzymes. On the other hand, sugar in Odwalla is excessive and will surely be stored as fat either in your belly or thighs.

Drink fresh juice for overall health and longevity

If you consumed 10-15 servings of vegetables per day, do you think you would reach your fat loss goals?

Do you think you would have a less chance of cancer and literally every other disease known to man?

Do you think you would have less symptoms for whatever you are currently dealing with?

Fresh YES!!

Well that’s that folks, stay tuned for more. Contact me if you want anything specific because I’ll write a post just for you.

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5 Insights from Holistic Health for FAT LOSS

Want to burn more fat?

The goal seems simple yet our bodies respond in curious ways. Lets look at body composition.

Runners, explosiveness/strength vs endurance/distance

Differences in body comp, maybe its okay to be heavier than runway model standard or ultra endurance runner (r)

Think about body composition for a moment. You may notice an individual who is exceptionally lean no matter what they are wearing. Their body composition would indicate low levels of body fat.

How do we burn more body fat?

Focus on the gut

I think fat gets way too much attention, probably because you can see it. We can’t kill the fat cells, but we can make them smaller. The fat cells must receive hormonal signals in order to begin the burn of energy from fat cells. In other words, it’s the fat cells themselves that burn the fat, yet it’s the internal system that must first produce the signal.

Once you have a certain amount of fat cells, they can only shrink in size -- never disappear.

Once you have a certain amount of fat cells, they can only shrink in size — never disappear.

To signal fat cells to burn fat, the most common way is to workout. High intensity exercise can be short and still burn a ton of fat. The HIIT workout (example: Orangetheory) will burn fat mostly due to the hormonal release post-workout. These are the signalers that tell the fat cells to use energy and therefore get smaller.

The gut is complicated

Take a moment to think about all of the organs in your torso. There is much life within my human digestive system, it’s like totally ecological. There are so many billions of non-human life inside my body, it’s a biotic fiesta in my stomach. I like to celebrate with my gut and with my friends.

TBT may'n, back at LP Athletics trying to have healthy gut micro-flora

TBT may’n, back at LP Athletics focusing on strength and having healthy gut micro-flora

Aside from the fact that the digestive system is the biggest key to human immunity, the gut is ground zero for so many metabolic processes. The nutrients we consume from food contain catalysts for physiological, biological, and hormonal elements that life would be impossible without it. Therefore pure fat loss is impossible without nutrients.

Nutrients are the most valuable

Don’t leave it to scientists to discover everything, but it’s pretty amazing the advances in nutrient science with the last few decades. It’s unlikely we’ll understand everything about nutrition, but we can go on these ideas:

  • Nutrients come in many forms, for example: 
    • vitamins, minerals, water
    • dietary fats, carbohydrates, proteins
    • antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber
  • Doing it right

    Doing it right

    • enzymes, pre-biotics, pro-biotics
    • curcumin, gingerols, dietary nitrates
    • etc
  • The goal is to improve symbiosis within the gut and surrounding organ systems between human cells and colonies of bacteria
    • Lactobacillus acidophilus is a commonly mentioned pro-biotic in our guts
  • A calorie is probably still a calorie, but most of us don’t really appreciate the depth at which food impacts our metabolic lives  24/7 including how fast the cells age!
    • Anti-aging strategies always involve exercise and nutrition
  • You can’t beat real food and herbal sources
    • Fresh, green food provides many catalysts for fat loss, and also for systemic health
    • High quality herbal extracts have benefited human health for thousands of years
  • It’s less about what you don’t eat, than what you do eat
    • Even if you restrict calories, you may be restricting nutrients as well
    • A low calorie poor diet is still a poor diet — dieters may become nutrient deficient if their food is not nutrient-dense.
    • The nutrients contain catalysts — cellular processes – sending signals to fat cells
    • Give your body a reason to burn fat, for example: antioxidants

You always knew it was about the gut anyway

If you’ve ever had a gut feeling, you may have experienced a range of feelings, emotions, and experiences from within the gut; Some pleasant, some anxious, others perhaps made you feel compelled to action.

Listen to the gut. Focus on nutrients. Simplify your life by consuming fresh vegetables.

And if you have a sweet tooth like me, you could be eating berries almost every day of the year. Blueberries are loaded in antioxidants. Give your body a reason to burn fat. Nutrients. Antioxidants. A reason.

You'll be excited about this when your eating window is only 8 hours long


Good luck my readership. May you eat mindfully and enjoy your existence inside and out.

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