Coconut Oil

Upon unleashing the power of coconut oil, let the delicious tropical aroma of coconuts gently flow toward your senses.

A Jar of Goodness

That delightful scent is animated by a rich texture which welcomes you into the World of Health Benefits from Coconut Oil

I'd crack a coconut for you.

Do you want to know more?

Coconut Oil is the ideal Oil for Health, Fitness, and Vitality

It is not my intention to persuade everyone into the world of Coconut Oil. I simply aim to share how this oil has completely replaced butter, and many other cooking oils in my life.

Coconut Oil Benefit #1:

Saturated Fat.

You heard me, SATURATED FAT. Say it loud and proud!

We all benefit from some saturated fat in our diets.

Chemical structure of fatty acids

Just like mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fat, saturated fatty acids can be found in every cell of the human body.

Take home point: Diets should be no more than 10% saturated fat, and saturated fat should come from food sources with other redeeming qualities (like coconut oil).

Coconut Oil Benefit #2:

Medium Chain Triglycerides.

Say what?

Medium Chain Triglycerides (or MCTs) are different than their Long-Chain counterparts — which you will find in foods like butter and red meat.

Beautiful beautiful MCT structure

MCT’s have multiple benefits:

  • Very easily digested by the body (for example, surgery patients in hospitals who can’t digest regular fats are often fed pure MCT’s in order to promote recovery)
  • A great source of energy for the systems in the body
  • The energy from MCTs is similar to that of energy from carbohydrates, except your pancreas doesn’t have to release a lot of insulin for it. As a result, you don’t get blood sugar spikes — making it easier to lose weight and stay lean.
  • Due to chemical structure of MCTs, it is nearly impossible for it to be stored as bodyfat.

For these reasons, the MCT’s in coconut oil can make your day better, everyday better.

Coconut Oil Benefit #3:

Immune System Benefits

I want you healthy from Day ONE!

Coconut Oil contains several interesting components which can help fight infectious disease and yeast overgrowth.

Lauric Acid: A 12-carbon Medium Chain Triglyceride which has antimicrobial properties. In the human body, Lauric Acid converts into a substance called Monolaurin to reap the antimicrobial and immune benefits.

Caprillic Acid: An 8-carbon Medium Chain Triglyceride that can easily penetrate cell walls and fight against species of bacteria such as various Streptococcus strains. It also has anti-fungal effects, which is why many people with Candida/Yeast issues can get benefits from Coconut Oil.

It is also naturally anti-parasitic.

Consuming Coconut Oil prior to eating unhealthy food can help to ward off bacterial and other infections.

College kids eating Crappy Food? Try Coconut Oil 20 minutes before meals to stay healthy.

Coaches advice: He suggested his college athletes heat up and liquefy 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to consume 20-30 minutes before crappy college meals in order to stay healthy.

Coconut Oil Benefit #4:

One of the Best cooking Oils known to man.

There are several reasons why Coconut Oil is great to cook with. Aside from the sensory benefits from the pleasant aroma and the great taste that it adds to cooked food, Coconut Oil is superior to many other cooking oils.

Table of Smoke Points. Source:

HIGHLY STABLE against Oxidation.

Coconut Oil has a high smoke point. The smoke point of an oil relates to the point at which it oxidizes.

Food which has been subjected to significant oxidation will create free-radicals in the bodycausing significant damage to cells and DNA if there aren’t enough antioxidants available. (example of antioxidants are Vitamin C, E, Selenium, anythocyanins from blueberries, resveratrol from red wine, etc.)

When you think Oxidation, picture a car with a ton of Rust all over it.

THIS is oxidation!

Do you want that degradation in YOUR own body?

Even with healthy habits, some oxidation is inevitable. But the better you manage your free-radicals, the better condition you will be in.

Coconut Oil cooks foods at high temperature without oxidizing.

As a result, there are fewer harmful free-radicals present in the food.

Therefore, it provides greater nutrient value of our food.

You + Nutrient Value = Win, win, win!

Coconut Oil Benefit #5:

Weight Loss!

Actually, this is more about body-composition.

Ideally, we should have a healthy ratio of lean mass to bodyfat.

Men: Less than 15% bodyfat is ideal (You start seeing abs around 10% bodyfat)

Women: Less than 25% bodyfat is ideal. (Women may see abs around 17% bodyfat)

Does she cook with coconut oil?

Since the MCT’s from coconut oil provide vital energy for the body without even budging Blood Sugar levels in the body, it promotes a healthy state of metabolism in the body.

Fat storage for long periods of time can wreak havoc on your hormones, blood sugar, and immune function.

Coconut oil can help you stay in fat-burning mode continuously — which is ideal. We should be burning fat and storing (some) fat every day.


Weight Loss: 1-2 tablespoons per day. Cook your food in it.

Bodybuilding: Build up to 4-6 tablespoons per day depending on tolerance. Consume with each meal, spread out through the day. These are lean calories which can help promote lean muscle mass.

Do YOU know what is it that makes Coconut Oil a top Superfood?

I hope so.

Dang, I really hope so. It’s not so much that my life depends on it, but maybe yours does.

Jackie Chan fans should use Coconut Oil on their popcorn.

I truly believe that high consumption of a variety of super-foods on a regular basis can make for a Super You.

Seriously, get Super with me, my friends.

BONUS antioxidant power:

For extra antioxidant power, energy, weight loss, and vitality, Both Jackie Chan and I promote the regular consumption of Green Tea.

Click the link for more on the benefits of Green Tea


  1. In Short…

    I have (had) a chronic yeast infection that has (had) been with me for 23 years. I could not get rid of it, or reduce the rash and fatigue. I did the sugar free diet with a doctor, and nothing changed.
    I how fell onto Coconut oil very recently. My rash has reduced by 90% for the first time in years.
    No rash, no fatigue and i am training 3 times a week. I can get up feeling tired, then have a smoothie 2 bananas, blueberries, goats milk, and a big chunk of coconut oil (about 7 to 10 t-spoon full) and the rest of the day is energy and a clear mind.

    If you have any questions on it then please try it, or email me.
    My skin is wonderful, the fatigue has changed to energy and I feel like I am living again.

    Please buy it, use it and feel the benefits to your life. You are worth it.
    I just hope that you read this before your 23rd year of a crappy infection.

    Coconut oil is cheap and get the VCO (virgin coconut oil) and use the coconut milk if you can get it in your smoothies too.



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