Most of what we know about life.

Is Cyclical

occurring in cycles; recurrent.

The cycles which effect life are mostly out of our control. Therefore, just as you can imagine people going through harsh winters, we must adapt (or move the heck outta there!).

Adaptation occurs through cycles

Sleep. Wake. Eat. Move. Rest. Eat. Sleep


By eating certain foods, we add stimulus into the systems — the cycles become enhanced by antioxidants and energizing nutrients.

Cycle your fruits and vegetables, especially your supplements

Variety of beneficial nutrients is key. Focus on one goal at a time. Such as: Consume kale three times per week.

The following week you will be able to experiment with other fruits and vegetables. Listen to how your body feels when you eat these foods. If you are eating “enough” fruits and vegetables, then you should look very lean in the midsection.

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