The international campaign for eating vegetarian on Monday’s brought the spotlight to the US Department of Agriculture recently. The USDA encouraged its employees to begin Meatless Monday’s as part of the mission of sustainability to decrease environmental impact. In fact, as food prices increase in the US because of the drought, you can bank on it.

Is this what Meatless Monday’s are all about?

But then…  them ther’ Kansas Republicans and the cattleman’s association were not pleased! In a statement released, they fired back saying,

“It is my hope that the USDA has not abandoned farmers and ranchers in pursuit of policies best left to the Environmental Protection Agency,” he said.

Ah, sharp point indeed — if we take the assumption that the EPA needs no additional support to save the planet (at least that which locates on US soil).  The result was predictable as immediately the USDA dropped its support for Meatless Monday’s.

The Mission Statement for the USDA is below:

We provide leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, and related issues based on sound public policy, the best available science, and efficient management.

Now, the actually framework lists, “expanding markets for agricultural products,” as first part of its strategic plan. The criticism inherent in Meatless Monday’s is that it is negative for a positive. You are taking away meat, even though you are promoting vegetables as a substitute.

We need sustainable environmental policy.

Plant based agriculture is of equal or greater value than meat agriculture because both humans and livestock consume plant based foods. Plants are the source of energy and nutrients. As a country, we are able to produce a greater volume of plant based food which. Then if the USDA promotes expansive vegetable consumption, it is DEFINITELY in alignment with its framework to expand markets of agricultural products.

Introducing Cruciferous Tuesdays

I promise I will never take meat off your plate. However, whether or not you are looking, I may be serving you up  some fresh chard with a side of kale and you’ll never be healthier.

Cruciferous Tuesdays

We should take a moment on Monday’s to make sure the broccoli is ready for Tuesdays. Take it up to the next step, slow cook some lentils and put the cheese on top with black pepper. Consuming sufficient vegetables supports many nutritional needs that meat don’t meet!

The Takeaway

Here’s the key points:

  • Cow farmers have strong influence over government agencies
  • The 2012 DROUGHT significantly increases the price of livestock feed, and therefore the price of meat will be noticeably higher in the upcoming months.  
  • Reducing meat consumption is not anti-American and may in fact be good for your health
  • A balanced diet always wins
  • Be with me and make it a goal to eat vegetables in the cruciferous family on Tuesdays (broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, etc)

Stay tuned for more commentary on current events as it relates to health… also more fitness tips!

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