Ask any serious weight trainer…

Which exercise has the following benefits?

  • Builds strength throughout the entire body
  • Activates core in synergy with hips and spine
  • Burns fat and promotes lean muscle
  • Supports a balanced, athletic physique
  • Works for nearly every healthy individual
The old fashion tried and true Squat.
It doesn’t matter what kind of squat you do, because there are so many variations that work. (Bulgarian split squat, pistol squats, skater squats, back squats, front squats, full squats, sissy squats, you name it!!)
Just Squat.


  1. I think that squat is the best lower body exercise, but thinks can easily go wrong if you are not very careful. A common mistake is to begin the movement by bending your knees, which can easily pull you out of position. You have to lower your body by moving your hips back and down and then bending at your knees and waist until your upper legs are (nearly) parallel with the floor. Also, don’t let your knees track past (beyond) your toes.

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