Can you delay short term pleasure in order to gain long term satisfaction?

The hardest part of the day for me is night time. Since I work a long day, I often get home around 10 PM and am ready to snack and relax. Unless I need to prepare food for the next day, I typically am not in the mood to cook a meal. I just want some satisfaction.

Have healthy snacks readily available

I open my refrigerator and see a gallon container of Raw Kefir (freshly home-fermented in within the last few days), a gallon container of fermented Korean Kim Chi, and a big pot of healthy food that I cook a couple times a week. Then there’s my fruits, vegetables, liquid fish oil supplements, raw pickles, sauerkraut, applesauce, almond butter, etc.

Tonight, I drank my Raw Kefir for the protein and nutrients, had a sip of my fish oil (which is good since my raw Kefir contains plenty of fat-breakdown Lipase enzymes), and then some Kim Chi to boost my immune system. Since these foods are all low-calorie, low glycemic index, and heavily nutrient dense, I conveniently burn fat with a healthy metabolism.

Let’s just say, if I had ice cream in my freezer…I’d be screwed.

Take responsibility for your food

If you think your food is out of your hands, then I have to feel a little sorry. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors took responsibility for finding their food day in and day out. They created the division of labor, with the strong as hunters and the socially savvy as gatherers.

We do the same in modern society, except now large corporations such as McDonalds are your hunters, and the meat quality is putrid compared to our ancestors time.

Plan your meals

As soon as you finish your meal, you need to have a plan of what you’re eating for your next meal.

The best way to plan meals is you prepare your own food. A simple recipe I have created involves a whole grain or legume with a variety of vegetables, herbs, spices, and coconut oil. This food is full of fiber, nutrients, energy, and burns a ridiculous amount of fat.

Example recipe:

4 cups Lentils (slow carbs, fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals)

Kale (green), Onions (yellow), Red Peppers (red), Cauliflower (white), Carrots (orange) — see the theme? Diversity in nutrients.

Coconut oil (healthy Medium Chain Triglycerides for energy, metabolism, and oil for flavor)

Herbs, spices (Mrs. Dash is easy, awesome and sodium free)

Get the idea? You can make enough for six+ different meals, which ensures you have a healthy lunch and snack for the next three days.

You have to eat to lose weight

Food is your friend.

You just need to eat the right stuff. And in our urban jungle, that takes constant planning.

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