You don’t have to look forward…always.

The feeling of this chair, writing a blog on a computer, what comes next… the moment after this?

That doesn’t matter right now, because I express wellness like a mural and share openly.

Fitness is in the Moment, and the Moment is Health.

But there’s a problem. “Food.”

The situation is appalling to the point of avoiding regular restaurant eating.

How they make you gain fat:

  • Manipulate taste while offering immediate reward at a tricky price.
  • Sugar, salt, and saturated fat and in exceedingly dangerous quantities

So there’s lots of danger in eating restaurant food 7 days a week.


I present a better way.

Prepare your own food.

Example Meal Plan for Long Term Health and Leanness

1. Primary mealstuff: Complex carbohydrate with high protein and high fiber

  • examples: Quinoa, Brown Rice, Lentils, and Split Peas

Split Pea Nutrition

2. Plant based nutrition

  • Fruits (3 per day)
  • Vegetables (5 per day)
  • Nuts (2 per day)

3. Protein: necessary and often delicious

  • Wild Fish (the best protein because gives you tons of Omega-3 essential oils)
  • Protein powder (Whey or plant protein, good source of amino acids and immune boosters)
  • Minimal meat protein (puts more stress on the system, but highly athletic individuals may benefit more than average person)

4. Supplement: if you are deficient in a certain nutrient, can make a huge difference in your life

  • Most people need Omega-3 supplement.
  • Vitamin D is popular in the northern areas with less sun.
  • Probiotics aid digestion and immune system
  • Digestive Enzymes save the day in your gut.
  • Fiber mixture helps keep you regular.
  • Soy contains estrogrens that may or may not prevent male prostate enlargement or female breast cancer.
  • Biotin helps grow hair and nails.
  • HEMO-RAGE gets you completely jacked.

This moment brought to you by…

The smell of a gourmet restaurant in your own kitchen as home-made split pea soup simmers the senses. You may share, or you may not, but you’ve cooked at least 8 servings and can enjoy it for several days.

And if your coworkers label your lunch as “hippie food” or “paleo food” thats simply a reference to its nutritional health.

Ellison Fitness is getting ripped with little effort thanks to this.

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