Why do so many young women seek out Supplements for Aching Joints?

Fit and elegant in appearance, she stood near me with a smile on her face. You know, customer service is really fun when the customer is already warmed up.

Glucosamine Sulfate. A common supplement to support joint health, and she’s buying it. Even though she wore regular fitness clothes, I perceive that she uses heels often. She gets excited, “I’m in heels all day! I’m a model. They put me in stilettos so I can be closer in height to the tall girls.”

That’s the price you pay for sexy.

hahaha, If you say so.”

Attractive woman, I really want to take off your...heels.

With her, the rest is history. But for young women everywhere, behavior involving the regular use of High Heels can be seriously degrading for joint health.

As much as I enjoy the aesthetic “lift” that women attain from heels, I worry for the women who feel obligated to wear heels to work every day. The attractive saleswoman at Macy’s wore heels when she helped me with shoes. The waitress in the restaurant wore heels. Their bodies ache, but they do it anyway. And they do it to look better for me. So I feel partly responsible.

Heels may enhance a feminine appearance, but user beware.

  1. Higher pressures on feet, with the big toe particularly at risk for deformation.
  2. Ankle tilt creates unfavorable mechanical action at the joint.
  3. Length, strength ratio of leg muscles can be chronically compromised — causing knee damage.
  4. Quadriceps lengthen while hamstrings shorten — ultimately leading to hip, spine, and back dysfunction.

Use heels sparingly.

But do continue to use heels, it will be easier to find you when I’m driving a $200,000 car.

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  1. “But do continue to use heels, it will be easier to find you when I’m driving a $200,000 car.”

    Andre, Andre, such shallowness, shame on you. You are worth more than the value of your car! In fact, most girls prefer a full 2 years income and assets disclosure prior to a first date. And we women are worth more than the aesthetic value of our perceived calf lengths – we cook, we clean, and we raise the children we had with you when we surreptitiously put that safety pin through your condom wrapper. 😉

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