Lets face it, Fat-Loss ain’t all about health.

At least, not entirely. Most people want to lose fat so that they look and feel better, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I could tell you, hey just eat healthy, but where does one really go with that? Sure, Taco Del Mar has several healthy options, but that fried taco salad is just too appealing.

It’s okay to be naughty, if for just a little while...

Results matter.

Here’s the ish that works.

Dirty Little Secret #1: dose up on Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)

Protein… Who needs protein when you have BCAA’s?

The three Branched Chain Amino Acids comprise 33% of skeletal muscle and if you take BCAA in supplement form, you can prevent muscle wasting entirely.

So even though you’re eating really low calories, you can maintain your muscle tone simply by popping BCAA’s throughout the day.

Take 4 capsules of BCAA before every meal/snack and you will get leaner.

Dirty Little Secret #2: Caffeine

In nature, caffeine’s bitter taste deters predators from eating certain plants containing high amounts of caffeine.

In human society, caffeine makes things possible that we would have never imagined. As a kid, I wondered why people consumed so much coffee, but now that I’m a professional…my performance just increases all around.

It’s a fact: caffeine boosts metabolism. It also decreases appetite, and forces your body to use more energy. With all that extra energy, it makes you want to move around, and then burn even more calories.

Respect the caffeine. Abuse will screw you, but proper use…thats our dirty little secret.

Take caffeine in the early/middle part of the day, with food. Also, caffeine can help you before anything physical.

Dirty Little Secret #3: Eat (more than) Nothing

Caloric deficit is when your body burns more calories than the food you ate.

Then it makes sense, eat less food and lose more weight.

Eating very low calories on certain days can promote weight loss like no other. Here’s some tips to doing it in style…

  • Consume high calories on workout days, and low calories on sedentary/rest days.
  • Make sure you eat a healthful breakfast, then you can eat next to nill for the rest of the day and burn fat like crazy.
  • You will lose water weight very quickly, don’t fool yourself — it isn’t pure fat that you’re losing.
  • Make sure you eat something green and something with high fiber, this will ensure regularity and keep you from destroying intestinal health.
  • Salt makes everything taste better, so eat your damn veggies.

Drink lots of water, green tea, and Miso soup. You do have abdominals and you’ll prove it.

Dirty Little Secret #4: Upgrade Testosterone & Human Growth Hormone Levels

Testosterone and HGH are important in all human males and females.

The right testosterone supports powerful protein synthesis and promotes toned body composition. Testosterone helps you get lean even if you eat lots of food.

Human Growth Hormone regenerates almost all human tissue, including muscle, bone, organs, and brainsss. Optimal HGH promotes quality of life. Most valuable trait ever, Quality of life.

How to…

  • Take ZMA supplement. Zinc/Magnesium are typically deficient in most people. ZMA at night time can increase testosterone levels naturally and make you feel better overall.
  • Megadose on Niacin B-3 for HGH. Take 500 mg of Niacin within two hours of going to bed and you can increase HGH levels. Just make sure that you avoid any food with fat (even healthy fat) because it will completely deter the positive HGH effects of niacin.
  • Don’t jerk it for a week.
  • Did he really just say that?
  • Reduce your overall workout time to less than 60 minutes. Ideally, 10 minute warm up, 40 minute workout, 10 minute stretch and cooldown.
  • Consume BCAA’s before, during, and after your workout for optimal testosterone levels.
  • Eat fermented soy — the isoflavones help with estrogen metabolism and help maintain optimal testosterone.
  • Appreciate a beautiful woman.

Dirty Little Secret #5: (call in sick) or just Sleep NINE Hours Per Night.

Sleep is mysterious.

Sometimes you dream about future scenarios, or the fantasy ideal lover. Either way, sleep is ridiculously amazing for sustaining the body.

Sleep is required for cognitive function, immune system, central nervous system, muscle repair, metabolic processes, and so much else.

If you can get 8-9 hours of sleep every night, you’ll have less body fat than Mr. 6-hour man.

Enjoy one moment of narcissism per day.

You’re allowed to, because you are DAMN sexy.

Then, humility can rise once again. Because fat-loss doesn’t come easy, and some people stay in their old habits forever.

That mirror image is really starting to look gooood though.

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