This is how we get fitter, healthier, and happier.

Set goals and work to achieve them.

Three years ago, I could have said that all I wanted was six pack abs. Unfortunately, those abdominal crunches I was doing didn’t seem to do the trick.

If you can quantify a goal, you can make it happen.

For example, the aspiring professional wants to earn $65,000 next year. What steps must be taken to make that happen?

Just like careers, fitness goals can be quantified and then become more realistic and attainable.

To get abs, don’t worry about abs.

Eat, sleep, recover. Then hit THAT personal record.

For me, I place a high priority on a particular full body exercise that really targets the core muscles.

My favorite exercise…the Turkish Get Up.

Think about the numbers, and do what it takes.

If you want more toned arms, you can’t stick with the same weight. You HAVE to get stronger. Move up from the lighter dumbbells, use a pencil to write down your efforts, and then blast away plateau’s.

It’s easier to make several small goals interconnected to each other than it is to make one large vague goal.

For example,

Goal 1: Turkish Get Up 60 pounds for three reps.

Goal 2: Dumbbell Bicep Curl 20 pounds for ten reps.

Goal 3: Eat breakfast every day on THIS particular week.

All of these goals can support the over arching goal for physical fitness.

Quantify your goal, now today.

So that tomorrow, you are one step closer.


  1. That is very true. I really liked your part about not worrying about abs. Sticking to a goal that you set for yourself is the ultimate way to reach your dream body.

    It is important to focus on all aspects of your abdominals as you mention in your post. Personally I love doing exercises on the exercise ball because it forces my obliques to workout while main upper and lower abs are getting targeted. Then I like to do the plank to work my stabilizer muscles.

    Great Post!


    1. Thanks for the comments Darren. You’ve got quite the fitness site yourself.

      Planks are a big yes for me. I haven’t done as much exercise ball work, but my personal trainer friends are big fans of course.

      Best to you Darren.


      1. André,

        I hope you find my site useful. It focuses on obtaining the flat stomach (for women) and the six pack abs (for guys) many have always wanted.

        I feel that many people avoid planks because it doesn’t feel like much is getting worked out. The best example I tell people is think about being at eye level with a counter. If you have 6 biscuits that resemble your abs and they are put on a flat board, you will notice that your abs stick out.

        If you put these biscuits on a paper towel loosely, you’ll see that the biscuits sink below the plane of the counter which is why you can’t see them. Then I tell them that the difference in between the two is the strength of your stabilizer muscles built up through planks.

        Exercise balls are amazing too because being on a circle hits all angles of your abs. Check out the video I made about the exercise ball pushup, it combines planks and an exercise ball. I think you will like it.

        Look forward to hearing from you,

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