Digesting the Sweet Belly of America

The United States of High Fructose Corn Syrupica?

Here’s the fact, calories come cheap nowadays. Basic survival is possible for the vast majority of Americans. So we made progress in the 20th century.

Palin publicly enjoys a big gulp.

Palin enjoys a big gulp.

True secrets to fitness lie within.

What is inside you? From bacteria to blood cells, neurons and rhythms… you will notice the connections. Energy becomes connected to us as we use it and excuse it.

We all know it’s about food.

I am a strong advocate for health and nutrition in this country. There are ways in which public reform would seek to reshape nutritional incentive. We need to show the consumer that consuming leafy green vegetables truly is the best option for long term health and vitality.

The sugar industry is most powerful when people remain ignorant to the intolerable effects of high fructose diets. Sodas are some of the worst offenders as the concoction causes inflammation through multiple parts of the body.

Nutrient density is key.

Foods which contain a high density of nutrients are lean meats, natural dairy, and plant vegetables. Aim for the most nutrient dense foods according to your budget. Eat your greens.


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Learning from Bodybuilding, Success, and the Zyzz

Ripped, muscular bodies.

How many boys have dreamed big? Like Superheo big. Thanks to human nature and cultural media, we have become overexposed to ideals of perfection.

“I bench press 2,000 pounds”

The perfect body is so very alluring. The look is beauty with strength, a sort of gentle confidence that exudes power over the situation. Of course, the personality is the foundation for all exterior vessels of humanity.

Zyzz was willing to try anything once

While many guys find comfort in video games and DVDs, Zyzz pushed beyond himself. Despite his devil-may-care attitude, he inspired many young men in Australia, North America, and worldwide.

Zyzz (Before) Body type: Scrawny. Interests: World of Warcraft and seeking lulz

Enough is enough.

Think about the last time you reached a breaking point.

It’s the same thing with fitness. Actually, it’s the same as it relates to EVERY type of modification to the body. You realize that it’s worth the effort or money to do something today — now.

The Aesthetic ideal… Zyzz?

If you asked any guy in the world if he could wake up tomorrow and have that body…

Zyzz gained fame for his philosophy of aesthetics over mass.

Zyzz personified what most people thought to be the ideal physique.

The downfall of Zyzz

No one is invincible to the forces of nature. When the body composition changes drastically, the body is pressured to seek homeostasis. So if you are constantly on fire, building muscle or downing drugs, you will realize that the exterior isn’t always the best marker of health.

Zyzz was inspirational, no doubt. Sure, he was young and reckless, but he was passionate. You could feel it, you wanted him to call you a, “s*ck c*nt,” which became an Australian battle-cry to motivate yourself to train harder and eat better! To be known as a, “s*ck c*nt,” was to be known as the type of person who would get up, move heavy objects, and maintain a healthy appetite for food. It was motivational for young men in the stage of defining their masculinity.

After a few too many laboratory produced cocktails, Zyzz passed away in a fatal Thai steam room. Later reports mentioned an undiagnosed heart condition, but made no comment as to whether the anabolic steroids played a role in his death. R.I.P. sir, you will remain a key figure in the society of aesthetic bodybuilding.

Video contains mature language.

What lessons to learn from Zyzz?

The first is passion and execution. You must get the fire in your system, then go out and perform through progressively more challenging physical activities.

Secondly is that to promote effectively, it helps to get out there. He understood that his body was a major attraction to be inspired by, proud of, or any other type of attraction a person may feel. Being ripped out of your mind will definitely separate you from the pack.

Lastly is the finalé of Zyzz. He perished due to his ride high lifestyle. His body was seeking homeostasis and all it was receiving was more stimulation. As a result, the body will eventually go numb.

The inspiration lives on…

I take this valuable lesson for Zyzz. Be whoever you want to be and don’t be afraid to do it. You can make changes in your own life and in the life of others by being inspired.

Zyzz made an incredible change.

As for the natural vs anabolic steroids discussion, I will leave that for another post. This blog post is just one more dedication to the shortened life of Zyzz.

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Ripped in 60 days: Five Simple Rules for Beach Body Madness

Can you get lean, ripped, and sculpted for summer time!?

There you are — on the beach with friends. The warm sun blankets your skin in a great way, and this year — yes this year — people are staring at you.

No, it’s not because you’ve got a boog in your nose. Actually, you look like a damn celebrity with toned abs and buttocks that advertise uber fitness to the world.

You put in the effort, you get the results.

Here’s five simple tips to help you get there…

1. Make time for a great breakfast

Start eating within 30 minutes of waking.

Upon waking, our bodies are able to uptake nutrients at a super efficient rate.

Breakfast is like depositing revenue into your internal bank account. If you eat breakfast, you have more money for the rest of the day. But if you skip breakfast, you’re in debt and the high interest rates screws with your metabolism.

Fact: People who eat breakfast consume less calories daily and weigh less on average.

2. Eat Real Food, not processed.

The more whole foods you eat, the more nutrients you get, and the better physique you’ll have.

Science backs this up. In one study, a group of people who ate an actual grapefruit everyday lost significantly more weight than the group of people who drank grapefruit juice.

Whole foods are like premium fuel for your body. Treat yourself right.

3. Supplement with Omega-3 Fish Oil

Did you think you could eat fat to LOSE fat?

It’s true. In particular, Omega-3’s are essential fatty acids that have a plethora of highly important functions in the body.

One major benefit to the physique conscious is that Omega-3’s promote healthy insulin sensitivity.

In other words, your body is better able to make use of those pesky carbohydrates.

Good deal.

4. Get active!

Physical movement of any kind will help with your beach body.

However, the most powerful of all physical activities is heavy weight lifting. When you lift heavy stuff, your body responds by holding on to its muscle instead of wasting away.

So you burn more fat and keep more muscle — leading to the ultimate beach body.

5. Reduce stress and sleep well

Stress kills.

Reducing stress will help you deal with everything life throws at you — including weight loss.

Likewise, getting enough sleep — 8 hours typically — will make a massive difference when it comes to real results.


Allow yourself one cheat meal per week. If you know you’re going to go out with friends and have dinner and drinks, then consider that your cheat meal. It’s life, dude, chill and enjoy.

Our once weekly cheat meal

Then, the next day you just get back on track and keep working towards your beach body.

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