The United States of High Fructose Corn Syrupica?

Here’s the fact, calories come cheap nowadays. Basic survival is possible for the vast majority of Americans. So we made progress in the 20th century.

Palin publicly enjoys a big gulp.

Palin enjoys a big gulp.

True secrets to fitness lie within.

What is inside you? From bacteria to blood cells, neurons and rhythms… you will notice the connections. Energy becomes connected to us as we use it and excuse it.

We all know it’s about food.

I am a strong advocate for health and nutrition in this country. There are ways in which public reform would seek to reshape nutritional incentive. We need to show the consumer that consuming leafy green vegetables truly is the best option for long term health and vitality.

The sugar industry is most powerful when people remain ignorant to the intolerable effects of high fructose diets. Sodas are some of the worst offenders as the concoction causes inflammation through multiple parts of the body.

Nutrient density is key.

Foods which contain a high density of nutrients are lean meats, natural dairy, and plant vegetables. Aim for the most nutrient dense foods according to your budget. Eat your greens.


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