What is your Hip to Waist ratio?

People who study humans use the word, ‘gait,’ to describe one’s manner of walking. Our movement is observed by those around us who create inferences about our fitness levels. Some body parts are simply more salient than others.

It's hard to know what they are like unless we observe their gait.

One could know more from gait analysis

Humans always assess threat and opportunity. From a distance, we are more likely to notice many factors about one’s gait. For example, a person’s movement may have much to say about one’s fitness and fertility. Some may notice and gaze upon those displaying strong evidence of virility.

This guy understands the benefits of healthy carbs.

Respect bro

Fitness has Always been about Hips, Butt and Back

Altogether, the glute-hip-back muscles remain the powerhouse of human physical ability. As the muscles decrease in balance, asymmetry occurs more frequently. Therefore, we MUST strive to promote healthy hip, glute, and core function.

Strength and mobility in the hips is a significant fitness indicator. Genetics play a role. Intelligent programming adds value for the trainee as it relates to progress.

Ideal and Goal to Aim for

A WHR of 0.7 for women and 0.9 for men has been shown to correlate strongly with general health and fertility.



Now like I said before, a fantastic weightlifting program will help you tone the stomach and transform the hips. Ultimately, success is only truly achievable with a focus on healthy diet.

Women within the 0.7 range have optimal levels of estrogen and are less susceptible to major diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and ovarian cancers. Men with WHRs around 0.9, similarly, have been shown to be more healthy and fertile with less prostate cancer and testicular cancer.[15]

So more people should realize that understanding hormones will help them improve their health status.

Knowing how Nutrition regulates our Hormonal status

There are quite a few basic nutrients needed for long term survival. And then there are nutrients which are required for optimal being, health and longevity.

If there is one thing you could do to improve your situation, it would be to consume cruciferous vegetables on most days of the week for the rest of your life. Hormonal regulation is only one of the benefits form these leafy green vegetables. The abundance of nutrients in a plant like Kale truly has a healing effect.

In Summary: 

1. Train your hips/back/core with more intensity than chest and arms. (maybe for about 10 weeks)

2. Consume leafy green vegetables because you will become more healthy and attractive

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