Imagine a gathering of people, and everybody looks different.

Unique traits that a person inherits can be an advantage, average, or a disadvantage for life.

It’s a bold statement to say that the world is rampant with genetic inequality. It may even be taboo. Unless we choose our parents, we have little room to have an effect genetic on quality.

Mating with a person who has very different genes than you can produce healthier children.

Possibly one of the most important gene regions in all humans is the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC). This is a gene-dense information center that encodes proteins to keep you safe from external invaders as well as internal immunity.

From virus, to disease, and even mental health. Basically, the more diverse MHC you carry, the better health you can be able to achieve.

Keanu Reeves' Matrix includes Chinese, Portugese, and Irish

Making the case for diverse procreation.

Do I even have to work hard? Your sense of smell is what really matters here.

I’m not sure how many women I’ve known who just get ridiculously turned on by the scent of a handsome guy. No cologne or fragrance — just natural masculine smell after a successful day of work. Bypassing her conscious radar, the scent of a guy is LOADED with signals about the quality his Major Histocompatibility Complex.

No surprise, he's a successful model.

Does your man’s scent turn you on like no other? Then he most likely has high testosterone and a strong immune system that is unique from yours.

When people kiss, all of that information is supercharged. Thats when you know if you’re really compatible with somebody…on a genetic if not emotional level as well.

So it’s not about race, nor the color of your skin.

It’s about whats on the inside, literally.

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