Healthier Sex Life also linked to Longer Life (doing other things too)

I never really considered myself a stud, until women started calling me that. Now, research tells me that my sex life is better because I’m healthier and that I’ll enjoy sex for many more years than an average man.

If men stay in good shape, they can enjoy more years of good sex, the study says. At age 55, men in very good or excellent health on average gained five to seven years of sexually active life compared with their peers in poorer health.

I’ll take it!

It must be common knowledge that high blood pressure, diabetes, and an excess gut are not friends of a rigid erection. And let’s not forget the poor prostate, which so many older guys have issues with.

Don’t be average

The average guy eats fast food. The average guy gains several pounds a year of fatty tissue. The average guy suffers from catabolic muscle loss and an uncomfortable prostate hypertrophy.

The healthy man

Healthy guys enjoy hypertrophy in the good places, like his biceps and quadriceps…NOT in his prostate. The healthy man eats fruits and vegetables, while supplementing with Omega-3 Fish Oil and Vitamin D.

Hey baby, my Vitamin D levels are optimal!

The healthy man can get erections without pharmaceuticals, in fact the healthy man’s erections are hard like the Washington Monument. The lady asks, “where’d that come from” and the man says nothing and just gets to work.

Cardio is sexy

Legs moving, heart pounding, and women watching the show.

If he can dominate the treadmill, what else is he capable of?

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