Benefits to working in the supplement biz:

1. Free samples…tons of free samples.

2. You understand the purpose of each ingredient.

3. An appreciation for sexy marketing and packaging.

4. Customers stereotype you.

Since I look like I’m in great shape, I can sell all fat loss products like a pro.

5. In fact, I am a pro.

6. People share very intimate details with you.

Working sales in a supplement store has taught me more about health, menopause, bowel movements, and performance enhancers than any textbook ever could.

7. My biggest selling point is almost always, “This product worked great for me.”

8. There’s a customer for every mood. The happy optimistic customer, the hard-to-please customer, and the “is this product going to make me poo?” customer.

9. Omega-3 Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Digestive Enzymes, Green Tea, and Probiotics.

These nutrients can change your life.

10. I read books about sales and customer service, and every day I get to test out a new strategy.

Mirroring body language is the #1 most effective sales strategy I have ever encountered, aside from my charming smile of course.

11. You learn how to swallow 8 pills at a time, in one single gulp.

12. I am super passionate about health — especially physical fitness — so I feel rewards by doing work.

The knowledge and experience will remain with me for life and I look forward to passing this gift on to my future genetically modified super-children.

Overall, it’s just a lot of fun…especially when you’re good at what you do.

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