For all of those who possess a passion for real training.

Even if I wasn’t in the gym, I would make time to train. Real training results in physical and mental empowerment. The beauty is in it’s simplicity.

Learn skills. And,

Develop precision and power.

Motivation to train is inherent. Physical recovery far supersedes the time spent training and involves everything from meal planning to quality sleep and hormonal balance. Here are some tips from the natural side of things.

Top 3: Recover from Exercise/Physical Activity:

1. Ginger

Inflammation can be chronic or acute. Either way, you want a tried and true ally on your side. Ginger’s effect on inflammation is based on strong evidence and more than a millennium of wisdom. Additional gut health benefits.

Root power

2. Turmeric

Supporters of Turmeric may question why ginger is ranked number 1 on my list and that’s me being partial to the benefits fresh juiced ginger. Turmeric is likely a more powerful COX-2 inhibitor and has been shown to induce apoptosis/destruction of harmful cells.

Powerful Powder of Turmeric

3. Cherries

Cherries are more much more than the pits! This berry has unique antioxidants which may have detox effects on the joint while promoting healthy inflammation. The antioxidants in cherries help process uric acid and flush the joint structures of excessive inflammatory compounds. Meanwhile, natural sugars refuel muscle glycogen and support repair process of lean tissue.

Good things come in packages like this.

Recovery from exercise, anti-aging?

To some people anti-aging is a broad marketing term, but in reality anti-aging is all about promoting healthy, efficient processes in the body.  Physical activity should invigorate people. Their bodies ought to return with increased capacity and ability.

Tip: Recovery methods are most effective within 30 minutes of exercise so utilize that time window!

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