First and foremost, police must learn to respect humanity of others.

There will be a thorough examination and possible improvement of the police structure. Is the leadership really there, though? I’m not so sure about Governor Inslee or Jenny Durkan at this time.

We can already see that some cities are holding officers more accountable than ever before, though.

I wonder how much energy it takes to deal with that verbal abuse that they have been receiving from protesters.

Coronavirus is still a high concern.

CROWDS! I have witnessed it with my own eyes and while watching livestreams. There are a lot of people out there and not everybody is wearing a mask. Plus, there are many people who are in close proximity shouting and yelling enthusiastically. 

Be careful who you bring it home to.

Imagine being a person who brought it home to their mother.

What happens next could have serious effects on the livelihood of our families.

Anyway, it is still a good idea to wash hands frequently and wear a mask when it’s likely that you’ll be around others.

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