“No justice, no peace,” they say.

Even though it may not be the most welcome of choices, justice is still worth fighting for.

Injustices first grow within the mind, branching toxic resentment towards groups of people who are other than I.

One way to work through this sickness of the mind is to study the similarity of the fellow human rather than the difference.

There is definitely a black man in human ancestry.

And there is for sure a black woman.

Let’s value the similarities that make us human.

We all have a shared humanity so let’s not take this for granted by groups, individuals or by persons of authority.

Technology deepens accountability.

So many footprints are left everyday. Digital fingerprints mark the web. We often submit our personal information to large organizations.

Video recordings allow for unlimited attempts at understanding the events as they actually occurred.

And the evidence is astounding.

Can people accept themselves by accepting others?

With technology and intention, I believe that people can broadcast high frequency channels to resonate with the humanity of others.

As you accept some responsibility for the way you feel, then you will realize that healing comes from allowing others to be true to themselves.

Practice being kind to others with no ulterior motive.

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