When Women train Heavy, will you Bulk Up or LEAN OUT? Fat Loss Talk


The cultural roles and expectations that we face can make us feel self critical

I have no doubt that people who stay lean and healthy all year round are those who also surround themselves with similar people. So in that sense of culture, I believe that people with healthy mindsets are a benefit of culture for fat loss. At the same time, the images on TV and mass media are certainly causing shifts in the discussion of our bodies.

Seems that fit people share similar activities

Seems that fit people share similar activities

How does this all play into what it is to have a healthy body image?

Well, let’s ask what is it to have healthy body image? 

  • Wake up knowing you will take on the day, it will not take on you
  • Feels or seeks to feel intrinsic reasons to exercise
  • Finds way to challenge what the body is truly capable of physically and consequently mentally, emotionally
  • Places a high value of quality of food for both internal and external human benefit

It’s ultimately not about the body fat %. It’s not about six pack abs or firm buttocks. It’s about the you, the person.

Should Women Lift Heavy?

First, let’s focus on the goal of an individual. Not all women should lift heavy particularly if the exercise is contraindicated from orthopedic needs or for some other factor that precludes strength development.

Using a reasonable program, lifting progressively heavier weights has many benefits:

Progressive resistance on a body weight exercise

Progressive resistance on a body weight exercise

  • Increased calorie burn at rest
  • Develops the Fast Twitch muscle fibers which allow you to burn even more calories while exercising
  • Makes you stronger, more fit person
  • Promotes healthy metabolism, especially in the area of systemic glucose management and insulin resistance
  • Tends to put you in a good mood, feeling of accomplishments, actual achievements
  • Focuses on performance, what the body can do, a healthy perspective

There are many established benefits of lifting heavy weights for women. It’s not my case to argue whether or not you want to use heavier weights, but in the case that you do want to see the benefits, then you are at the right place.

All women have different response to exercise and nutrition

Because of our genes and our environmental conditions (including what your mother ate and how well she slept), everybody has different responses to lifting progressively heavier weights. So I’ll keep it simple here.

Woman who lift heavier weights WILL DEFINITELY BURN MORE FAT…

In terms of bulking, there are two main factors at play:

1. How much food is being eaten; the quality of food consumed is just as important as the overall volume

I'm not sure what she eats, but I'd bet it's pretty balanced nutritionally

I’m not sure what she eats, but I’d bet it’s pretty balanced nutritionally


2. The current hormonal status of the individual.

Let me elaborate on this for a moment. Just like in men, women have a range of testosterone and some women just naturally have more in their bodies. If this is the case, they may build muscle easier than other women. They may also be sexually aggressive but that is WAY beyond the scope of this.

On the other hand, diet can affect our hormones as well. Women who show a preference for frequent consumption of simple sugars, starches, alcohol, trans fats and other low quality foods are more likely to add “bulk” which is more visibly as fat mass.

Lift heavy to tone up and eat lean to stay lean

I'd wager she exercises too

I’d wager she exercises too

So it comes down to a discussion on body image

The worst reason to exercise is to look like somebody else. To have somebody’s butt or their legs or their arms.

You will never.

Best to focus on being you and accepting that exercise is your healing and you need it frequently.

Good luck all, thanks for reading

Technique for Novice Deadlifters

Deadlifts provide valuable training stimulus

They also go to show how strong you REALLY are.

That is because true strength requires muscles throughout the entire body to work at the most efficient joint angles. Technique is incredibly important for injury prevention and performance.

Deadlifts are for strength

Deadlifts are for strength

Like any exercise, deadlift is a skill which requires the lifter to learn the deadlift movement pattern.

Deadlift Fundamentals

For the deadlift, you should take note of these

1. Full body tension

2. Legs and hip drive

3. Squeeze the butt aggressively

4. Bar is as close to the body as possible during the entire lift

Deadlift Critique

Need to correct – Leaning forward
1. Chest Up
2. Hips back
3. Drive through the heels
Sit back into the rep, focus on using glutes as the power player.
Need to correct – Hips rise too fast
1.Focus on Leg Drive
2. Push heels into the ground
3. Spread the floor with your feet
Need to correct- Stopping short
1. Pull the bar towards the body
2. Squeeze glutes forcefully
Need to correct – Too much lower back on way down
1. Keep the chest up
2. Let the hips drop as soon as bar passes the knees

How to Improve your Deadlift

Main ways to improve the Deadlift

  • Practice the deadlift (train the deadlift)
  • Get stronger in all key areas (upper back, lower back, core, glutes, hamstrings, quads)
  • Practice the deadlift!!!

More reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LhYspMFUmY

More reference 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4qRntuXBSc

Keep at it y’all. Cuz you realize that when you’re deadlift technique is good, you WILL have a strong, strong, strong back and legs. Your spine will be protected by slabs of muscle and you will feel the strength in all the other areas of your life!!

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Core values for Fitness, Health, and Training

In the absence or presence of any experience, your core values will always be there.

I believe it is the core value of a person who is able to push forward under pain and stress.

It is the core value of a person to realize the truth of failure and then ascend to even greater heights.

It is the core value of a person to commit to their goals and hold themselves accountable.

For strength trainers, the core value manifests physically

You feel more powerful as the body realizes greater potential. The changes can be found in the tendons, ligaments, muscular elements, mineralization of bone, endocrine efficiency improvements, and energy systems adaptation. There is little vanity in seeking to become a better version of yourself.

Workouts can be fun!!

“ya I’m feeling good ’bout myself”

Lessons learned from intense training should carryover to mental toughness

We push ourselves in the gym not because we are afraid of the outcome, but because we embrace it. Either move forward or start dying because I don’t want to live a life without meaning. Intensity later balanced by harmony and back to intensity.

Raw strength has been valuable in nearly all cultures throughout time. As you become capable of performing heavy work through multiple planes of motion, you gain strength both inner and outer.

The struggles of life are best faced with strong core values, because no matter the outcome you strive to rise above it.


Lifting weights for aesthetics and strength

Strength, aesthetics, and overall improvement of quality of life.

That’s what a lot of gym goers are seeking.

The benefits of strength has been explored many times, but I’ll just say that it feels good to stronger.

He looks alright

He looks alright

We are going to talk about aesthetics. This is a complicated subject because everyone has these perceptions:

  • What do I think about my body?
  • What do I think that other people think about my body?
  • What do people actually think about my body?

What are the characteristics of an aesthetic physique?

It’s well known that men would prefer to have greater mass overall, whereas women say they would rather be attracted to a man with a slimmer more athletic physique. My overarching theme here is that first and foremost you should lift weights for whatever reasons you want to, and pursue goals relentlessly.

This, however, is a topic about aesthetics, so if you are interested read on.

Aesthetic physiques typically:

  • Fit, athletic, good muscle tone
  • Balanced, symmetrical
  • Move with ease, flexible yet strong, poise of a Greek God.
  • Healthy skin tone (from fruits/vegetables and sun exposure)
  • Look as if they are able to perform functionally (mass monsters need not apply)

So it seems like aesthetics are the underlying factors of physical attractiveness. It’s about looks, yet it’s about what it looks like that aesthetic person is capable of. It’s about what it looks like that person has in terms of personality traits and confidence.

If you had the body of a Greek God, wouldn’t you find confidence in those accomplishments.

How to Train for Aesthetics

Now I could tell you to squat, deadlift, and bench press and then see what happens. Some people will turn out great, while others will have obvious weak points that detract from their physique. In other words, everyone is built differently and requires unique modifications to their training based on limb length, torso size, prior injuries, etc.

And yet, I will still tell you to Deadlift, Squat, and Bench Press because this will help to build AND measure your overall strength. Some people hardly deadlift, except to see where their strength levels are at.

The major lifts are the foundation, then from there on all you have to do is hit the muscles from different angles and rep ranges. WITH INTENSITY.

Beast mode should definitely be activated during those crucial moments.

Natural vs unnatural

For people who choose to not use steroids/AAS, the gains will come differently and the training will be different as well. Just don’t expect to look big and shredded like the people in the magazines unless you’re willing to use the same chemicals they do.

A very famous strongman from the old days

Overall, I’d say that general population appreciates a natural physique in terms of aesthetics. There is more value to the strength because it is unassisted.

Eat clean, train hard, and sleep well.

Then do it consistently.

Why Bodyweight Training is Essential for Fitness

Bodyweight exercise has existed before any other kind.

Whether humans were running along the fertile ground near rivers or performing feats of strength as ritual, the ability to have control over one’s body is more human than any other training.

These guys didn’t wake up one day and do a handstand… no — they trained for it.

Rediscover the benefits of bodyweight exercise

  • Exercise in a natural range of motion
  • Metabolic boosts, calorie burning
  • Improved recovery capacity and less stress on the central nervous system
  • Typically supports joint health and muscles which stabilize the joint
  • Lean muscle tone

Why don’t more people do bodyweight training?

Even though there are many subcultures of fitness which are entirely dedicated to bodyweight training, the truth is that most people have a failure to appreciate the difficulty of bodyweight exercises.

The Planche is a static hold requiring tension throughout the entire body. This is an advanced position requiring many months of progression and exercises as well as a lean physique with low body fat.

The result, however, is an incredibly fit individual. This is just an example of how bodyweight exercises can increase in difficulty by changing the levers of the exercise. What was once a push up position now supports the entire body in the air.

The cons of bodyweight exercise

Gaining the strength, skill, coordination to perform advanced variations is difficult enough. Moreover, most people simply don’t have the physique (at this point in time) to be able to perform advanced exercises.

So most people are forced to begin with simple variations on bodyweight exercises and they feel very humbled by how much trouble they have. Instead of doing bodyweight exercises, many gym-goers go off and use implements such as dumbbells and machines. People with large body mass or people with significant excess body fat will have difficulty performing bodyweight exercises.

“Older” guys can do it too. Jack Lalane showing his fingertip push up skills.

On the flip side, people with very LOW body mass (skinny people) may have more trouble building muscle mass from bodyweight exercises alone because their bodies are not forced to move as much weight. For example, if a 130 pound guy does 20 chin ups, versus a 200 pound guy who does 15 chin ups — who do you think will have bigger arms and back as a result of chin up practice? Most likely the larger guy.

Embrace the challenge

This man realized the benefits of bodyweight training in association with weighted implement training.

The more I learn about the human body, the more I realize that bodyweight exercises should be foundational and not supplemental. The joint health benefits alone are significant enough, and then you should also remember the coordination and functional benefits as well.