Benefits of Orangetheory Seattle area

What are the things that OTF team enjoys?

Fitness. Well fitness is related to food and you’ve got to put some of that on the plate some how! The key is that fitness is something that a lot of people have in common.

Rach Row

Rach Row

Most of us recognize the need for some physical intensity — the key is finding the right intensity. I’ve learned that the majority of people who go to OTF have jobs/careers that have varying levels of sedentary moments. Some people sit more than others. We need to get up and move.

Fitness is about progression

Just like we must strengthen our muscles in exercise, we also must become more seasoned in our line of expertise. We are growing a movement in Seattle with a fitness first mindset and we want as many people as possible to be part of it.

Reaching a plateau

Eventually you may reach a plateau, That is you may reach a point where you will not become any stronger or larger if that is your goal.  In which case you can still find ways for progression on skills and techniques. There is still opportunity for progression by learning and strengthening skills and other areas of fitness.

Benefits of OTF from the inside

Well here is the list.

1. The workouts

We love taking the workouts because the HIIT really seems to eliminate the fat!!!

Noticeably leaner in just a couple workouts if you’re willing to push it hard. High speeds and aggressive intervals is a matter of will and determination. Full body determination and activation of muscles throughout the spectrum, just focus on the technique with breathing an emphasis.

Full body strength and strong legs = good running potential. That’s why when you are able to go heavier in the weight room it has a direct carry over to your treadmill power capabilities.

Being able to take OTF workouts at studios all over is a fantastic benefit.

2. The People

Okay I probably should have listed this first.

Community, community, community. That’s another example of how fitness helps outside the workouts. We need community — well I’m speaking for some — even for those who enjoy occasional solitude. There are some figures and many wonderful people at OTF.

Each moment is an opportunity. To have a really good class you really have to stay in the moment. I dreamed I had the emotional and social abilities to make the thousands of people taking workouts be part of the community. Well many do appreciate and that I do as well.

The brand itself is growing so fast and all around the country, even world. Some people make decisions of where to move based on the location of an Orangetheory Fitness even!! So that connects people all over, which is pure opportunity whether for knowing someone or just having confidence-boosting interactions.

I’ve been a part of this whole Seattle journey for OTF.

3. Making history

I definitely feel that Orangetheory is changing the fitness industry. There is such a powerful combination of instant biofeedback and full body exercise prescription that people tend to get results quickly. It CAN be fun and energizing to the rest of your life.

People are witnessing these trends and the fitness industry will continue to evolve. Fitness is trending towards technology in the workouts along with full-body exercises to achieve certain goals. There’s something powerful about having peers though and I’m talking about people who are having the experience of the workout with you.

We area reaching a new understanding of how to run efficient fat burning programs that benefits people of many different shapes and sizes, strengths and limitations. There are amazingly popular coaches and also good coaches. The workouts are effective as long as you have a motivating factor, which may be intrinsic or extrinsic or even a combination. Either way, this stuff really works.

Hope you enjoyed this perspective from me

Thanks for reading and stay tuned


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3 Key Investments in your health and fitness

Burn fat and get lean by investing your time with habits that support these three things

Getting lean can take weeks, months, years, or even the struggle continues for some. The investments of time are of the most important value that you have. Think about your habits and how important that habit is for your life.


Here are a few ways to invest that time into fitness, fat loss and overall well-being.

1. Move lightly often

In the workouts we do in Orangetheory Fitness Seattle, we take participants through five zone heart rate guided training. The second zone, light-zone which is colored blue is a light zone, one step above resting. You want to be in this light intensity zone throughout the actions of the rest of your life outside of of HIIT workouts, because you will burn more fat during EPOC.

People who look like they walk everywhere probably do.

People who look like they walk everywhere probably do.

Moving lightly would be things such as walking, doing chores, light games in the park, etc. Movement of some sort which is not strenuous and not taxing on mental performance as well. The more time you spend in the blue zone during the other hours in the day are near guaranteed health boosters.

Additionally, performing HIIT exercise 4x/week is killer for lasting calorie burn.

People in my classes know about that last part.

2. Go natural, careful of people who aren’t invested in your health

We have been exposed to many advertising campaigns about food and what’s healthful and what’s not. Media and popular culture are impossible to escape. Most ads are designed to create a false need.

Shocking for some, people haven't you seen Food Inc?

Shocking for some, people haven’t you seen Food Inc?

Let’s keep this simple. If the company spends TONS of money on advertising campaigns, there’s a significantly greater chance that it is BAD for you. Eating processed foods and sugary foods is like taking on debt in the body — you even have to pay interest since body fat negatively affects the endocrine system. Making it even harder to burn fat.

So once you pay off the debt of eating poorly, then you must invest in eating healthy. The health of your stomach and digestive system are important elements strongly related to fat loss.

3. It is all about Gut Health: Living cells for digestion/immunity

We are walking environments and ecosystems. There are ten times more bacteria cells that exist mostly symbiotically with our human cells. This is a good thing because we need these bacteria to protect us with other bacteria of our environment and the things we eat.

Cells, man. Food affects them greatly.

Human cells have similarities to the quality of food which you consume 

So how do you PROTECT the Gut?

  • Living / Fermented foods with known probiotic effects: yogurt, kefir, unpasteurized fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut and pickles, Korean fare like Kim-Chi, Miso, Kombucha, many raw foods, fresh juices & more
  • Clean energy / vitamin and mineral-dense foods: Leafy green vegetables, Lentils, seafood like wild salmon (especially for Omega-3 BENEFITS), Squash, Coconut foods/oils/extracts, high fiber, quality proteins, healthy fatty acids (less of the omega-6 variety) & more
  • Pre-Biotic foods that support our ideal healthy function of bacteria in the human body: Ginger, Garlic, Onions, Leeks-related, Dandelion greens, Asparagus (** HIGHLY POWERFUL FAT BURNER PEOPLE), cabbage (immunity), Fruits, also root vegetables, artichokes, & more

It’s not easy to know what is the best to eat for you so it’s best to be mindful.

Timing & Planning are what it takes

IF you aren’t planning for success in your actions, then the outcome of bad habits will resonate. You should plan for success with food and then you can enjoy moving often too.



Good luck stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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5k Race Day Strategies

Get good rest.

The Good Night recovery with many restful hours will help performance.

Rest meme

Rest meme

Nutrition in the morning

Carbohydrates and hydrating liquids are valuable because it takes less effort to digest these nutrients. The carbs are energy and must be used wisely.

Not an everyday thing

Not an everyday thing

You want your body to burn the fuel, the carbohydrates fuel the intense feeling that drives you.

Go FAST or go moderate boost

Should you power through the first mile or sit back and pace it?


It probably depends on your own personal strengths. For those runners who have been training in the weight room, they will benefit from power at the start into a relaxed pace for active recovery in anticipation of the final mile push and all out. Powerful runners tap into a wider array of muscle fibers.

Let’s do it

Stay tuned for more…



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Take Care for fitness and fat loss

Do you take good care of yourself?

Well you either do you or don’t. Because actions are more valuable than words.

Some tips for self-care include:
  1. Live Healthy, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and avoid drugs and alcohol.
  2. Practice good hygiene.
  3. See friends to build your sense of belonging.
  4. Try to do something you enjoy every day.

This is where the performance goals in fitness play in

If you truly want to get the leanest body you’ve ever had, you have to get better. Stronger perhaps, faster, or more skilled. Muscular endurance and recovery time.

Med ball push up

Med ball push up

You force the body to change. Becoming faster or more skilled at controlling heavy resistance are key to training the body properly. Progression is everything.

We could all do a little better

It’s good to have support around you. Celebrate healthy attitudes and reward the pursuit of fitness for life, longevity, and anything you’ve ever worked for.

Recovery activities will help you do more sooner

How does one manage the stress of life? I think about the meaning of it, what the message represents. When in doubt, exercise self-care.

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Orangetheory Fitness attacks the Big Climb 2015, fights blood cancers

The Big Climb is about Elevation

You must rise up. To rise up is to fight against cancer and there are many ways to do this.

Incline and vertical training for fat loss

There is something I can be passionate about for rising up. Working your way up the pull of gravity is key to the disease prevention lifestyle.

Disease prevention with incline training

Fat loss, muscle tone, and improved cardiovascular health can be achieved through a moderate-to-high intensity training regimen with fresh nutrition.

That’s why I captained the Big Climb 2015 Seattle team

Team Orangetheory Fitness Seattle at the Big Climb 2015

Team Orangetheory Fitness Seattle at the Big Climb 2015

The above picture was moments away from the starting stairwell to go up 69 stories in Seattle’s Columbia Tower.

A gray day won’t stop us now

Getting to the top is the inherent value, if the view is decent then bonus

Getting to the top is inherent in value, if the view was amazing then it would just be excess

Make it to the top!

Here is Seattle in all of its spring glory, I was happy to be catching my breath with this in sight

Here is Seattle on an inevitable day with the gray and I have sweat through my shirt just now

Congrats to the finishers

Woo feels good to finish! Rachel and Julianne celebrate

Feels good now! Julianne and Rachel celebrating Big Climb 2015 achievement

Looking over the Puget Sound and downtown Seattle, Queen Anne, and Magnolia

Not one of Seattle's finest days when it comes to views but still enough to appreciate

Take in the view and then let’s go eat something

Thoughts about the Climb 2015

This fundraising effort was rife with support from many individuals. I appreciate you all for that, and for being here reading this. Here are a few thoughts I have about the Big Climb 2015

  • Your heart is the most important muscle and you should eat to support it
  • When I consume a beetroot, carrot, kale juice, it’s because I feel like it helps me breathe better
  • Breath in through the nose, out through the mouth
  • Use your upper body and core strength to pull yourself up and to push through the turns
  • Core strength improves with progressive resistance training
  • Pump yourself up and do what it takes even if it means some self talk!
  • Do it again for next year

Our team will continue on. We celebrated at a Sunday Happy Hour downtown and then walked home thanks to our city dwelling lifestyles.

Later that day

The spring day in Seattle departed with rays through lingering levels of moisture

The spring day in Seattle departed with rays through lingering levels of moisture

Thank you for reading and stay tuned

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Self Esteem and Body Image for Fitness and Fat Loss

Do you get confidence from having a great body?

The answer to this question isn’t clear for many of us, even people who most of us would perceive to exude both grace and beauty.

Body image is complex

Take a moment to reflect on your thought process on your body currently. Do you find yourself often thinking how it needs to be different or are you thinking about what your body is capable of?

Exercise dumbbells older man fitness

“I stay active, it’s what I do.”


It goes back to performance goals vs. aesthetic goals. People who make fitness part of their lifestyle are those who enjoy feeling improved performance. You realize that you’ll never look like anybody else because your body is unique. Gain strength, both inner and outer.

Self esteem linked to action

You can be confident in your abilities, but if you don’t take the right action then you might still suffer consequences of esteem.

This is why performance goals reign supreme in fitness and will leave you feeling good about yourself. All fitness levels will be able to improve upon some parameter of physical fitness by improving strength through a healthy range of motion.

It’s what you do that counts

Eating those fresh vegetables. When it comes down to it’s deepest essence, that is DOING!


Power of the Mind Weightloss Now

How to Date a Personal Trainer and is it even a good idea

Personal trainers leave an impact everyday

Think about the ways in which you’ve ever felt inspired. I get inspired by people enjoying their workouts. It is wonderful to surround yourself with individuals, groups, and organizations who add value to your life.

The workout always comes first

It’s about the workout, dummy

Coaching means investing in people

When you invest your time in others, does it make you feel good about yourself? We all leave an impact on others and sometimes that impact can be quite compelling and attractive.

Filling a hole on the web and Seattle

This doesn’t need to look like a guide even though it involves a few practical steps


Personal trainers do not want to date their clients for professional reasons, so sparking their passion would be a very naughty thing to do.

How to Date a Personal Trainer


1. Be there to train and to workout 

People come in many shapes and sizes, so let your personality shine as you work hard to improve your fitness.

2. Proximity and showing signs of availability 

This is common sense. If you give more time and opportunity to interaction, then at least you can test the waters. Stay around and stretch after class or when the person has a break.

3. Exercise and be fit together

Whether you want to be the workout partner or perhaps you get off on being told what to do, working out together is a great way to get excited about each other.

Don’t look too deep into it

Personal trainers often have outgoing personalities since they have many opportunities for banter.

Thank you for reading this article and stay tuned…



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