Do you already know what to eat?

I have noticed a very common cycle for people who are trying to improve their bodies by letting go of excess weight.

They know that if they just eat a certain way, then they will deserve the outcome of weight loss.

There are two issues with this. The first is that they think they already know, which leaves no room for the unknown to reveal itself. The second issue is that they become too attached to the outcome instead of becoming fully immersed in the process.

If your cup is already full, then how will you receive the wisdom of the ancients? You must first empty your cup.

Nutritional enlightenment involves at least three layers of your being.

I will briefly introduce these three layers and expand upon them in future articles.

1. Your subconscious and deeper primal processes.

We can categorize this as that which you are not consciously aware of, but acts as a compelling force nonetheless.

2. Your conscious thoughts that you are actively aware of.

These are the thoughts and feelings going through your mind that are most visible or readily identifiable. While these are extremely important parts of our reality, we may focus on it too much or even drown in toxic ideas that influence us away from supporting our deepest needs.

3. Our social selves and how we physically interact with the world.

I can think of other ways to guide us than being ego-driven. Perhaps we can be soul-driven or others-driven. While the ego is necessary for individuals in order to operate in this world, never lose sight of the fact that every single thing in the universe is connected. I believe that most nutritional problems that people face are due to a disconnect with the nature of life and living things.

You have the opportunity to absorb the vital forces of plants and living things on a daily basis, rather a privilege! You can honor the sacrifice by intentionally directing your energy towards the healing process (whether individually, community, or globally).


YOU can manifest a life of wellness and abundance!

Fall in love with the process and let go of attachment to outcome.

I think a reason why I haven’t been updating the blog enough is because I have been focused on outcome. I want this blog to reach a million views, I want this blog to change people’s lives, I want this blog to one day support me financially. To be honest, while those outcomes would be positive, I feel an anxiety about whether I am even capable or worthy of it. Yet, I feel drawn to something compelling about helping others through this channel.

The process is about what we have now in this moment and every part of the process should be honored and respected. Failures are not failures, they are feedback and opportunities for regrowth. Maybe we need to hurt today so that we can love tomorrow.

I just know that there are unlimited possibilities, but we’ll only have this moment once.

Are you on the path to nutritional enlightenment?

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Stay tuned for more.

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