I have a serious problem.

My lifestyle is far from minimalist. I realized that I have a serious problem as I examine my purchases. For example, I have some nice shirts and a chromebook that I haven’t even used.

I feel that I am worthy of the finer things in life, but worth doesn’t always equal a good investment.

I am coming to terms with my ego and insecurities.

Fitness keeps me positive, though…

Even though I haven’t racked up the most savings over the years, at least I’ve made deposits into my health.

There were plenty of nights that you didn’t go out binge drinking. That’s similar to not taking money out of your metaphorical health account.

The health investments that I’m proud of are vegetable eating and consuming something probiotic most days over the last decade.

I’m the guy who orders side vegetables when I know the main course is lacking in nutrients.

Throwback to brunch at Ma’ono West Seattle.

I feel some confidence and self-esteem from all of the workouts and from learning how to properly prepare and consume the world’s most nutrient dense foods and supplements.

At least that must be a worthy behavior for myself.

Helping others is about taking the time.

Time is the biggest resource of all, isn’t it?

I think about growing older and dying, which makes me value the life I have now.

If I can look back at my life and believe that I shared knowledge for the improvement of humanity, then I will die with some fulfillment.

I should be confident to solve problems, despite anxiety of the unknown.

If I fear judgement, then how can I even be of help to you?

I am investing time in watching YouTube videos made by people who inspire me and give me useful advice like Gary V and Graham Stephen. Gary V strengthens my courage to publish without fear, while Graham Stephen motivates me to spend my time better. Other YouTubers help me with blog development and that has encouraged me to enact my current mindset, which is thinking about what you want while documenting my journey to help a million people.

How do I position myself to be authentic, genuine, and efficient?

I’m beginning to have large scale visions. There are people out there today who are really fulfilling their divine purpose in life, even though modern society constantly wants to sell you something.

I can spend hours with myself alone and feel like I accomplished something, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing until I invest timely action on those realizations. Being conscious is okay, but being present and active is way more important for success.

There ARE amazing people doing amazing work.

Perhaps you are doing purposeful work now, or maybe you are becoming extraordinary. My goal is to grow an audience who can be motivated by amazing people. I’ll start with this person.

Eleonore Pauwels speaks about people who are using their own sickness to conduct research on citizen-based solutions that provide open-source alternatives to big pharma. This is a way for the PEOPLE to take back health care. Actual health empowerment can be a reality in the future.

I do believe that we all have a responsibility in our collective health.

Many people argue that healthcare should be a universal right, but they never argue that vegetable consumption should be a universal right.

It is a duty to the nation – yes – and also to your own self and your family. Don’t procrastinate to get working on your health. If you know you need it, go discover your nutrient deficiencies. Getting really healthy is like getting really wealthy — there is a bigger safety net when things go wrong.

In fact, you should probably do your part for benefit of your own gut microbiome.

The process matters more than where you end up.

You know what they say, it’s about the journey, not so much about the destination.

So now I’ve stopped thinking about a future in which I could buy anything I want (which was not the goal anyway), and now I’m TAKING ACTION that solves problems and brings wellness into the world.

If you read this whole thing, then you are a true blessing of a reader. What, if anything, did you find interesting about this blog?

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