Face your fears, and then you will grow as a person.

For most of us, facing fears can be terrifying. For example, there are occasions when I have hesitated embarrassingly and then wasted time fabricating excuses in order to save face. It’s true that a person can become stuck in a web of negative feedback loops until they overcome the fear that holds them back.

Overcoming fear — even the fear of success — may be what a person needs to unlock growth of scale. There should also be space for the author to speak with an authentic voice for the purpose of mental health and growth.

Conscious growth lies in the unknown, which is there for you, but not yet known to you.

A multiverse of infinite realities may actually be capable of existing, and yet there are experiences that can only happen now within this one singular lifetime. Many people just like you or I have the potential to signal millions of minds with our original voice, thus creating something special, unique, and lasting in the digital landscape.

In the face of fear or rejection, understanding the inherent value within the attempt itself can have many positive benefits.

Time is your greatest asset.

People who I admire understand themselves well and act without worrying too much about the opinions of others. These people have real, genuine confidence because they put in the work behind the scenes and constantly position themselves to serve others.

I am going to die, therefore I must take action today.

It is the knowledge of my own inevitable death that gives me courage to act now instead of later. Without this compelling force, I might be stuck in video game addiction, sugar addiction, alcohol addiction, or more.

I am glad that I will die one day because I cherish my own mortality. I know that I have a destiny in this embodiment because I feel the spirit of my ancestors thrusting toward infinity.

As I was doing research on the topic of, “improvement and growth are never linear,” I learned from author, Becky Searls, about the spectrum of self-knowing. The following are questions from her article.

Are you an Abstainer or Moderator?
Are you a Lark or Owl?
Are you a Marathoner, a Sprinter, or a Procrastinator?
Are you a Simplicity-lover or Abundance-lover?
Are you a Finisher or Opener?
Are you an Under-buyer or Over-buyer?
Are you an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel?

Most of these can be phrased with, “and,” since they can seen in a single person at different times throughout life. The context is less about, “this what I need to be,” and more about, “how can I become who I was destined to be?” That’s where talent, passion, gut, grit, and drive come into play.

My pursuit is motivated by the prospect of having so much leverage in the future that people can’t help but be helped by me.

I am writing now because I must.

This is my area of development:

Something that I recognize about myself is that I need to do more things that leave a positive legacy. I can achieve this by refusing to entertain negative thoughts that come up regarding other people’s judgements.

Some areas that I am learning about and implementing are related to things like organizational skills, maintenance of order, short and long term planning, efficiency, building and reinforcing structure, thoroughness, productivity, resourcefulness, clear projection, market forecasting, creative work outlining and preparation for new advances in technology or sudden chances in the environment.

Basically, I need to get my sh*t together.

I will honor the time of this one day today, which is now.

As far as I’m concerned, if you have the capacity to use the internet, then you are a privileged person. Sure, we don’t have access to the technology that people in 2100 will have, but the fact that you can instantly access the knowledge of another person through a device is incredible.

You can learn from the experiences of those who came before you, but you must take action to carve your own path.

In conclusion, invest energy towards that which brings greater meaning to the universe. Keep envisioning a life with meaning and purpose.

My purpose for writing this is you. I really mean it and that’s true. I hope you comment because I appreciate your perspective and feedback. Thanks for reading.

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