The weighted vest could be the absolute best fitness investment, but ARE YOU READY for the hard work ahead?

I have had weighted vests in my arsenal for plenty of years now and they work. They absolutely work well and are effective by helping you overcome new levels of discomfort and become whatever you want to be whether fitter, faster, stronger, leaner, ripped, shredded, athletic, muscular, toned, or you just want to burn some serious body fat.

This article was written so that you can make the best buying decisions when it comes to complicated world of fitness. I’m also extremely passionate about exercise and helping others. The links are and may earn this blog a small commission which is reinvested into the site.

MiR Weighted Vest Review: Short Style for Workouts, Running, Fat Loss.

The benefit of short style weighted vests is that they keep the weight in a more centered area and your core does get stronger this way. The longer vests are for people who want to distribute the weight all around and perhaps the longer vests are better for people who are using it for walks.

MiR Adjustable Short Weighted Vest on

Even so, in most cases, the short style will be more suited to your needs. There are great options for women as well, though women can wear either based on their anatomy.

MiR Ajudstable Weighted Vest for Women on

I have heard really good feedback about this one as women are becoming increasingly interested in strength and health.

Weighted Vests have what scientific support?

When I dig through the research, I find some interesting articles about muscle activation and energy use from the military of multiple countries studying loaded carriage. What has been known for a long time is that the heavier the weight, the greater the energy use. It’s a way to burn more fat in a shorter time frame.

This is a video capture of Rich Froning in a MiR weighted vest. He is one of the fittest people of all time.

MiR Weighted Vest Cons:

Let’s start with some possible drawbacks:

  • Shoulder straps can become uncomfortable especially in longer workouts.
  • Can be challenging to put on the weighted vest (best to do it while laying on the ground).
  • Fits most people, but not all.

MiR Weighted Vest BENEFITS:

This list covers some of the features that help it stand above other weighted vest brands.

  • Very compact as it is designed for max mobility.
  • Lining is doubled throughout the shoulder with contoured padding for comfort.
  • Increments of smaller weights allow you to adjust to resistance to your needs.
  • The mid-chest belt will prevent the shifting or bouncing.
  • Adjustable straps help give it the perfect fit.
  • Handles usage well and could last a lifetime.

Weighted Vests are great for men and women.

Science Says: Weighted Vests Burn a Ton of Calories!

Most body types benefit from a weighted vest training program. The key is to start light and gradually build up. Let me repeat that, the key is the start light and gradually build up. That’s why MiR offers adjustable weights so that can take them out and put them back in as needed.

Weighted vests tone the body in a way that nothing else does. I’m not saying that weighted vests are necessary for an aesthetic look, but I seriously believe that working with vests can strengthen those deep core muscles and just make you a finer physical being.

Furthermore, a larger person who trains with the vest will notice their fitness has improved in everyday life when they take off the vest. Meanwhile, an athlete or recreational fitness person can gain respectable lean muscle by increasing strength against resistance and recovering from that process.

Weighted Vest FAQ:

Is the MiR vest good for running? Yes, because of the short style the vest will work well. Make sure to start with light weights, maybe 10% of your body weight or less loaded on the vest to start initially.

Will it help build lean muscle? I have no doubt that with enough consistency, you can gain lean muscle, yes for sure. I also really feel the muscles around the lungs!

Who is a weighted vest best for? Tactical athletes such as firefighters, people who lift weights, runners love weighted vests, yoga enthusiasts, and even people who play basketball, football, and soccer.

Weighted Vest Caution Safety and Prevention Tips:

Common injuries associated are associated with prolonged load carriage so make sure to progressively build up your efforts instead of over-doing it.Some things to be aware of are foot blisters, stress fractures, back strains, metatarsalgia (foot pain), and knee pain.

Preventative action is key, such as maintaining good posture and improving load distribution. Staying hydrated is another injury-prevention method.

For the foot comfort, closed-cell neoprene insoles and use of an acrylic or nylon sock, combined with a wool sock, reduce blister incidence.

Become who you were meant to be!

There is a good chance that a weighted vest would be an incredibly valuable tool for you — particularly the MiR Weighted Vest.

The question remains though, do YOU have what it takes?

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