Transforming your 2020 Body through Global Fitness Science

Recently, our studio launched the OTF transformation challenge 2020.

The challenge is in its second of eight weeks and it encourages healthy behavior through workout frequency and recovery.

Throwback pic at the studio after a sweaty workout

I am always interested in what Orangetheory shares with people.

Just the other day, Dr. Rachelle Reed, Director of Global Fitness Science at Orangetheory Fitness, had some responses related to the Orangetheory Fitness Transformation Challenge 2020.

Five Quotes about Fitness Science from OTF Director:

  • “Starting on the floor (rower) can be beneficial if your main goal is improving strength; that way, you can prioritize great form with a heavier load during the floor block!”

Prioritize great form with heavier loads. Develop that high quality, long-lasting, balanced muscle tone to give you opportunities for freedom.

  • “Helping members improve their health behaviors is the main point of the Transformation Challenge.”

We invite people to consume foods in the colors of a rainbow and post pictures of beautiful nutrient rich meals for the other supportive people in the Facebook group.

  • “Check into your nutrition pre- and post-workout to make sure you are fueling your body properly!”

If you are struggling with energy and recovery, you should definitely consider pre and post-workout. I almost take it for granted myself since I experimented with so many supplements through vendor gifts. In case you’re wondering, my favorite energizer for coaching and for morning and working out has to be Matcha + Chlorella. I just love the smooth energy and how it impacts my cognitive and metabolic function.

  • “We expect our members to lose 1-3% body fat over an 8-12 week period! Of course, this depends on so many factors – like what you eat, how active you are, your sleep quality and quantity, etc.”

Okay, let me share my honest opinion here while supporting OTF at the same time. I think she is referring to the average of members, they will lose 1-3% body fat over an 8-12 week period.

This may be true for average. Average, you are not!

May you transform magnificently! If you really need something, you will find the way. The truth is that recovery is the key to transformation. Workouts need to be challenging and varied, while recovery is the other 23 hours.

If you aren’t getting the result, believe that something might need to change.

With nutrition and rest, seven weeks is plenty of time to make a difference.

Besides, even if you lose 0% body fat, but you still did high intensity workouts 3x per week consistently, that still counts for some success as it benefits health, fitness, and longevity!

  • “The American College of Sports Medicine, recommend that adults participate in at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity each week plus at least 2 days of strength training on all major muscle groups, in order to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. But, there is a dose response relationship, so a bit more (like 300 minutes and 3 days of strength training) can have slightly better benefits associated. This translates to about 3 classes of OTF a week, plus [everyday active movement]”

I think, “3 days of strength training,” would represent nearly three hours of strength training. Most people can agree that Orangetheory does not provide that amount of strength training per three Orange 60’s. Therefore, it could be beneficial to perform more strength exercises at home or a convenient location.

Maybe you could do some slow and controlled push-ups at home just before you eat a meal. Try to get a nice pump in your chest, shoulders, and triceps with a slow and controlled push up where you actually feel each and every muscle fiber contracting. Even two or three sets of 5-15 push ups a few times a week can make a big difference.

A lot of people have random weights or implements at home that they can use for bicep curls or exercise bands for glute bridges and deep burn in the glute muscles.

I love great workouts!

I often want to give people heavier loads just by putting weight in their area.

I do think the key to gaining strength at OTF is to be pro-active about your own challenges.

Try to eliminate as many muscular imbalances as possible.

Hope you found this useful.

Make sure to follow the blog for updates.

Shoutout to all of the OTF people that I’ve come in contact with over the years and to the people reading now!

Nourish up!


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3 Honest Examples of What I Eat

I’ve been asked lately about what I’ve been eating so here is a quick post to share with you today. You can see that even though I aim for nutrient dense foods, I also intake some inflammatory foods which I think is inevitable in real life.


4AM: Chlorella algae powder w/ matcha powder (of green tea leaves). Feeling: Energized.


Matcha (bright green, powerful energizing, brain boosting, antioxidant rich substance). Chlorella (dark green, extremely high chlorophyll making it a potent cellular rejuvinater and energizer).

5:00AM-7:45AM (coaching)

8:00AM – 8:20AM: abbreviated workout (20 mins of sleds)

 9:00AM Scrambled pastured eggs cooked w/ coconut oil. Black beans, a small avocado, some pepperjack cheese, a few bites of raw saurkraut (PROBIOTIC), and boiled chard.
12:30 PM Another round of chlorella/matcha because I was going back to coach.
1:15 PM: Meeting at the studio, food provided by management. Berries, then some of those deli wraps which did have flour, processed meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomato.
3:00PM-6:30 PM (coaching)
6:45 PM amazing chamomile tea from Roy Street coffee
7:30 PM Organic grass fed raw home-made Kefir (PROBIOTIC)


3:50 AM: Chlorella algae powder w/ matcha.

4:45AM – 7:30AM (coaching)

7:35 AM: Lots of blueberries as a gift from VIP member Deniz at LQA. Also a small peanut butter ball / protein snack that I had on the go walking from one training location to the next.

Blueberries are for antioxidant winners!

8:00AM – 9AM (coaching)
9:45 AM: Wild Alaskan King Salmon 8oz w/ raw saurkraut. (I wanted to have more veggies, but didn’t want to feel rushed during my short break so I just made it easy on myself and had the kraut).
11:00 AM: Americano from Analog Coffee. (nothing added)
12:20 PM: Small coconut nut butter protein ball (another little gift given to me from earlier) as a pre-workout energy source.
12:45 PM: Workout
1:45 PM: 16oz of coconut water (I just love a cold coconut water after the workout, not that I scientifically think it’s the best post-workout. It just makes me feel better than any of the hundred other post-workout drinks I’ve tried)
2:00 PM: Brew DR. Kombucha, “Spiced Apple,” flavor while chillin’ at Cal Anderson Park.

Picture at Cal Anderson park yesterday for my Instagram followers and blog readers.

3:00 PM: 24oz of Wild Alaskan King Salmon. Took 20oz of fresh spinach and steamed it/ate it. Also 2 bundles of chard which I boiled and ate that. Only had half an avocado because I was getting so full from the veggies.
5:30 PM – 9PM (coaching)
9:45 PM: Organic grass fed raw home-made Kefir (PROBIOTIC)


5:40 AM: Chlorella algae powder w/ matcha

6:15 AM: Workout

7:20 AM: Post-workout, I had the Boar’s Head, “Rainier,” sandwhich from the QFC deli in Broadway Market w/ a coconut water of course. Another Brew Dr. Kombucha, this time “Clear Mind” flavor.
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM (coaching)
10:20 AM: During a quick break between coaching HIIT classes, I drank part of store bought Kefir called “Grace Harbor Farms, Plain Kefir” from QFC. This particular brand IS real legitimate kefir, unlike many store brands.
11:40 AM: Drank the other half of the bottle of kefir (Sometimes I only get a few moments to consume anything so I try to make it count, or otherwise I go too many hours without eating probably).
1:45 PM: Pho Than Brothers Pho #1 Large with extra broccoli.
2:30 PM – 4PM (coaching)
5:00 PM: One Chipotle Burrito Bowl with white rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, chicken, pico, salsa verde, corn, 1/2 serving sour cream, guacamole, and lettuce.
7:30PM: Goat Milk Kefir and start preparing for my day tomorrow.

Kefir, a fermented milk beverage with promising health benefits.

Planning ahead for tomorrow

 Tomorrow I’ve planned that I will have more salmon/greens because today wasn’t my best eating day. I’ve taken on more work and helped other trainers at OTF so I notice that when my schedule becomes more demanding, I find it more challenging to consume the top foods. I’m sure you can relate.
Healthy food

I can’t wait to get salmon back in my body.

I already know that I’m going to have my matcha/chlorella around 4:00AM tomorrow. By 9AM, I’ll have some pastured eggs meal similar to that I had on Monday. Then when 3-4PM rolls around, I’ll be preparing my meal of fresh salmon / greens that I’ll have just picked up from the store. I try to go to bed around 8PM because if I get less than 6 hours of sleep, I already know it’s going to be a STRUGGLE to choose healthy foods. Sleep is so crucial for making the right choices.

Tomorrow will be a new day though, with more opportunities for nutrient dense food. It’s not glamorous that I have to wash a bunch of pots and pans to keep up with my cooking, but you just gotta do what you gotta do. I sometimes remind myself what a blessing it is to have access to some of the best nutrition in the world here in my city of Seattle. Why let the opportunity slip by?

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Have a goal for every workout: Fat Cells respond to progressive resistance by getting smaller!

What is the goal of this workout today?

We all come into the workout room with different needs, strengths, and expectations. To some, not having a specific goal for every workout is actually unfathomable.

My goal for this workout

Keep track of specific exercises that have been done in the past and perform in more progressively challenging ways. These techniques help you to burn more fat:

  • Perform the exercise faster on the concentric, and slower on the eccentric
  • Use more resistance than before
  • Greater amount of reps using the same weight
  • Decrease rest intervals without sacrificing heavy weight
  • Using heavy weights in a larger range of motion
  • Improving your form and technique with weights that you struggled with before
  • Combination of the above
Time constraints can be motivating, as is some healthy Orangetheory Fitness competition

Time constraints can be motivating, as is some healthy Orangetheory Fitness competition

I don’t often speak to these accomplishments even if it is noticeable it helps me stay motivated in fitness.

Examples of a good goal to have

Let’s talk about a treadmill goal to begin with. Of course we’re following a HIIT program and the ideal length for a treadmill workout is between 20-30 minutes.

You can try to improve your times in the following ways:

  1. Your one-mile time
  2. Your half-mile time
  3. Your quarter mile time
  4. Your tenth of a mile time
Kyle Anderson from Seattle on the right running hard

Kyle Anderson from Seattle on the right running hard

You can further improve fat loss by:

  1. Your .25 mile run at 3% incline
  2. Your .25 mile run at 5% incline
  3. Your .25 mile run at 7% incline

Then on a later workout once you have recovered, do your .25 mile run at 1% incline and you will likely be able to run faster than you did before at that particular incline!

Thus progress! Fat cells should get smaller due to this physical and neural progression in muscular contraction.

Once you have accomplished it, nobody can take that away from you!

It’s yours.

Now believe in it and go with it

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In Response to Criticism of the Orangetheory Orange Bike Campaign

You may have driven, walked, or bused around Seattle and seen the orange bikes before

This campaign was not unique to Seattle as it has happened all over the country and even in Canada as well. Many communities would describe the orange bikes as nothing more than curious which is why the campaign continue to spur interest all over. Yet we heard from many people who were not too fond of the orange bikes.

Seen it


Orange bikes vs. launching your career

At the time, the orange bikes were just another bright orange marketing tool to get people asking about Orangetheory. The goal is that everybody knows about Orangetheory. More and more people in Seattle have learned about the benefits of Orangetheory and our awesome local team.

Fleet Feet Seattle Capitol Hill running store, so we did a run together and it was enjoyable

Fleet Feet Seattle Capitol Hill running store, so we did a run together and it was enjoyable

We had other tools as well. It’s not that I claim pride in the fact, but wearing orange spandex was quite a comfortable running suit in the fall and winter of the previous year. So anyway, we had many more tools than the Orange bikes, but it was the orange bikes that caused the most intense response.

The franchise felt like, and still does feel like a local team

We were all over Seattle on foot, bike, rower and orange wrapped Volkswagen. We were on the ground everyday before the studios even existed. There we were, forming our identity, finding out who had the character to add value under the toughest of circumstances. We were on the streets everyday. To us, the marketing campaign was about helping to launch our careers in our desired field in the most growing city in America.

Before we had a studio, we had OT Fit Club. We hit the pavement, and we persisted

Before we had a studio, we had OT Fit Club. We hit the pavement, and we persisted

I had just come from working at an athletic club in Tacoma, and instead of being in a cozy gym talking to all kinds of current guests and customers… now I was on the streets of Seattle wearing four layers on the bottom and adopting ear warmers in an effort to invite you to become a Founding Member of our first-to-market franchise.

We should honor everybody involved

I appreciate the criticism of the orange bike campaign as it helped me understand the raw passion and spirit of Seattle. We must fight for our cause. That’s something I always felt about being a man is having a cause and standing behind it no matter what. Apply passion to your vision and execute daily.

Because excitement about fitness is what I have for the world. This is how I connect with people and this is what draws me to go beyond barriers and explore the uncomfortable zones of life. My fitness takes me forward and I’m bringing as many of you along with me as I can.

Let's go

Let’s go

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How does Group/Community help people Lose Weight and Burn Fat Faster?

Making a living with (other) people’s bodies.

Philosophers will continue to ask questions about the ways in which human minds and souls intertwine whether through thought or faith. What is clear to me is that all people share a fundamental foundation of the state of health and fitness. For most people, it isn’t until you get sick that you realize how much you value health.

Maslows needs

In order to produce as a higher being than before, one must support the physiological aspect.

To truly value health is to commit to a better tomorrow

In my five year career in health / fitness around the Puget Sound, I’ve become acquaintance with many people who have struggled with health. Actually, there are a lot of people on the front lines of natural health who themselves have experienced pain or tragedy. They re-learned how to treat their bodies and re-emerged from their struggle to share meaningful stories and information with people going through something similar.

Health must have a preventative focus

At the same time, health must also require urgency. The most important act of health are those which nourish or empower the entire person. Holistic health has a focus on preventing disease of modern society. Every day is extremely important in the function of all human systems including the heart and mind.

Communities with shared health values succeed more often

You’ve heard the saying, “you are what you eat.”

Perhaps you should adopt a new one…, “you are who you spend your time around.”

The quickest way to reach your goals is to surround yourself with people who are experiencing the journey already. Health and fitness, they say is also like success, as in it is more about the journey than the destination.

I see these things as… A healthy constitution, a vessel which is rewarded by ongoing detoxification, a real human person with the thoughts and feelings of empowering their most important asset.

Burning fat is best done in the company of others burning fat

If your goal is to burn fat, aligning yourself with other people who share these values will have a profound positive effect on daily behavior. Yes we are influenced by others, so use it to your advantage.

Maybe you already are on the journey. Then, reader, I solute you. Continue to inspire the people in your life to make choices that benefit the foundation of their needs as a human. Yet, help those who want to be helped.

Finally, the benefits of group fitness summarized

  • Accountability
  • Fun
  • Motivating
  • Effective
  • Positive social outlook
  • Team aspect,
  • Yet individually competitive
  • What humans have known forever:


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Technique for Novice Deadlifters

Deadlifts provide valuable training stimulus

They also go to show how strong you REALLY are.

That is because true strength requires muscles throughout the entire body to work at the most efficient joint angles. Technique is incredibly important for injury prevention and performance.

Deadlifts are for strength

Deadlifts are for strength

Like any exercise, deadlift is a skill which requires the lifter to learn the deadlift movement pattern.

Deadlift Fundamentals

For the deadlift, you should take note of these

1. Full body tension

2. Legs and hip drive

3. Squeeze the butt aggressively

4. Bar is as close to the body as possible during the entire lift

Deadlift Critique

Need to correct – Leaning forward
1. Chest Up
2. Hips back
3. Drive through the heels
Sit back into the rep, focus on using glutes as the power player.
Need to correct – Hips rise too fast
1.Focus on Leg Drive
2. Push heels into the ground
3. Spread the floor with your feet
Need to correct- Stopping short
1. Pull the bar towards the body
2. Squeeze glutes forcefully
Need to correct – Too much lower back on way down
1. Keep the chest up
2. Let the hips drop as soon as bar passes the knees

How to Improve your Deadlift

Main ways to improve the Deadlift

  • Practice the deadlift (train the deadlift)
  • Get stronger in all key areas (upper back, lower back, core, glutes, hamstrings, quads)
  • Practice the deadlift!!!

More reference:

More reference 2:

Keep at it y’all. Cuz you realize that when you’re deadlift technique is good, you WILL have a strong, strong, strong back and legs. Your spine will be protected by slabs of muscle and you will feel the strength in all the other areas of your life!!

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Core values for Fitness, Health, and Training

In the absence or presence of any experience, your core values will always be there.

I believe it is the core value of a person who is able to push forward under pain and stress.

It is the core value of a person to realize the truth of failure and then ascend to even greater heights.

It is the core value of a person to commit to their goals and hold themselves accountable.

For strength trainers, the core value manifests physically

You feel more powerful as the body realizes greater potential. The changes can be found in the tendons, ligaments, muscular elements, mineralization of bone, endocrine efficiency improvements, and energy systems adaptation. There is little vanity in seeking to become a better version of yourself.

Workouts can be fun!!

“ya I’m feeling good ’bout myself”

Lessons learned from intense training should carryover to mental toughness

We push ourselves in the gym not because we are afraid of the outcome, but because we embrace it. Either move forward or start dying because I don’t want to live a life without meaning. Intensity later balanced by harmony and back to intensity.

Raw strength has been valuable in nearly all cultures throughout time. As you become capable of performing heavy work through multiple planes of motion, you gain strength both inner and outer.

The struggles of life are best faced with strong core values, because no matter the outcome you strive to rise above it.


Power of the Mind