Chronic Inflammation is the pre-cursor to disease and insult to the organ system

To experience chronic inflammation, one need only go so far to consume the SAD (Standard American Diet) on a regular basis. Fast food restaurants come to mind. Soda is quite possibly the most anti-fat loss thing people consume regularly. Not only does soda erode oral health, it also causes the bones to leech minerals as an attempt to balance the pH of the system. The acidity mixed with sugar also put stress on the pancreas and liver.

To make things even worse, the quick delivery of all that sugar into the gut tends to feed the harmful, opportunistic bacteria. Then you have serious gut dysbiosis (microbial imbalance) and more and more research has shown that obese people share similar gut bacteria.

It’s about the organs, dummy.

Nah, you’re not weak of mind. You understand that eating healthy is of vital importance to making gains in fitness.

This guy ate veggies today.

This guy ate veggies today.

You can’t get rid of your past

The more years one has eaten poorly and not taken care of themselves, the more effort it will require to re-balance the body. Your lifestyle must change, is changing, or has changed in order to reach a healthier state — a fitter body. Learn from mistakes and be humble because food has power over all of us.

Antioxidants: Healing Power on Daily Basis

Wow, to think that we can consume natural foods and promote the wellness from within our own vessel. I can’t go a day without eating at least something of color. The greatest nutrient density and antioxidant power will make itself known through resilience and hues of the rainbow.

Healthy picnic at the park

Healthy picnic at the park

Promote Healthy Inflammation Regularly with Nutrition

We need a certain amount of inflammation in the right areas at the right times, balanced anywhere around the body. To do that, we have to eat healthy foods — ideally the healthiest foods on the planet.

There is access to some of the world’s healthiest foods in nearly every grocery store in America. It’s usually fresh. It may have distinct colors. It could be pungent, bitter, sweet, sour, or rich and delectable. Natural markets and delis are literally goldmines for the latest new, health trends combined with traditional healing knowledge from all parts of the world (often in the form of herbal extracts or educational products).

Extremely high nutrient density found in this fresh Carrot/Beet/Ginger/Parsley juice and Wheatgrass shot.

Extremely high nutrient density found in this fresh Carrot/Beet/Ginger/Parsley juice and Wheatgrass shot.

The truth is that we should aim to have a healthy relationship with food — being natural food. This is how you can get a fit body, beyond discussion of calories and macronutrients. Beyond basic calculations. Nothing can make up for the pure antioxidant power of healthy natural food. Eat well my friends.

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