This old time Strongman exercise can take your body to a whole new level of performance.


Unconventional, but the results are real. (DreFitness @ Rio de Janeiro)

In my younger days, I used to think that the Bench Press was the only way to get the body I wanted.

So I benched.

And then I benched some more.

But something funky started happening with my body.

The bench press destroyed my shoulders.

My shoulders ached, my strength flat-lined, and my posture sucked.

I finally realized that the Bench Press was doing more harm than good for me.

The Turkish Get Up is 100% pure functional strength, for an empowered lifestyle.

There are SO MANY benefits from doing the Turkish Get Up — it’s no surprise that this is a highly popular exercise among combat athletes. This is functional strength at its finest.

Here’s the benefits for a regular person like you and me:

  1. Fat loss, metabolism booster
  2. Increased shoulder stability at the joint
  3. FULL-Body Strength: Legs, glutes, core, shoulder, back, triceps, forearm grip strength
  4. One of the best Abdominal/Core exercises in existence
  5. Improved flexibility — especially relieving for tight hips that many Americans chronically suffer from.
  6. Whole body coordination
  7. Lean muscle!!!

The Turkish Get Up changed my life!

My joints, tendons, and ligaments are healthier! Performance has improved, and my physique is getting tighter for summer time.

Finally, the Turkish Get Up is a FUN exercise and gets a lot of priceless looks from other gym-goers.

This simple, full body exercise is Pure Bang-For-the-Buck!

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Rehabbing Old Injuries:

Mastering the TGU is well worth the investment of your time and effort. I’ve had a long history of shoulder subluxations/dislocations. I had two surgeries on my right shoulder (1985 & 1987) and one on my left (1989). Unfortunately, even after two surgeries, my right shoulder would continue to dislocate on a regular basis; sometimes while training, many times while sleeping. Talk about a rude awakening!

I was facing the grim option of a third surgery on my right shoulder, contemplating the ‘Law of Diminishing Returns’. Over a 15 year period, I diligently practiced every rubber band exercise and rotator cuff program known in the realm of physical therapy, but to no avail. In December 2001, Pavel taught me the TGU with a dumbbell. Kettlebells weren’t manufactured yet. I practiced this exercise with dumbbells, than later with kettlebells. Kettlebells are without a doubt superior and well worth the investment. Ultimately, I fabricated two 110 pound kettlebells. By Spring of 2002, I was performing singles with either hand, reaching my goal.

By God’s Grace and perfect timing, He placed the right person (Pavel) with the right exercise (TGU), when I needed it the most. Knowing what I know now, I’m thoroughly convinced that I could have avoided all three surgeries had I only known this valuable exercise.

My shoulders are more stable and stronger now than ever before. The range of motion completely restored. Best of all, I have not suffered a shoulder subluxation in years.

This success story has been repeated many times with the clients I train. Boxers, grapplers, NHB fighters, police officers, military personnel, and the average “Joe” or “Jane” have all reaped the benefits of the TGU.

Testimonial By Jeff, from 

Here’s my progress on the TGU:


  1. Just started pavels rkc minimum routine. Tgu’s are great and the time flies.

    If you have back/joint pain you should check out pavel super joints and mobility book.

    1. Pavel make you strong, comrade.

      I recommended his books as for flexibility routines and joint maintenance.

    1. Alex, Do you realize this is not that site you’re looking for? We aren’t gay here, nor we have sexual problems in our own life. So go get a life and get a girl to get laid with (if you can).

    1. Yes, it is possible to damage the knees from improperly doing a TGU. It could mean that there are imbalances in the connective tissue from the hip to the knee and/or from the knee to the ankle. It could be a muscular imbalance. Or it could simply be from bad form and not warming up properly.

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