Heart rate monitors for workouts are a growing trend

There’s no surprise why — advantages from science help us with health and fat loss results.

The pod is near the heart

The pod is near the heart



How effective are heart rate monitors for fitness and fat loss?

Highly effective. You or your coaches are able to use real time bio-feedback that gets you motivated! I’m not saying they are always perfect.

Downsides of heart rate monitors?

Exercisers who use heart rate monitors may sometimes notice fluctuations in the readings (from a really low HR to a really high, momentarily). How am I to know if it is the pod that malfunctions or if it is the garment that connects to the device.

If you have paid for the class experience or are just a participant, the fluctuations can be distracting.

Over time, I have realized that some individuals are simply more prone to the variations. Perhaps the impact from the exercise would be a suitable explanation. And even though the technology is available to the public, we all come in different shapes and sizes. We wear things differently.

Highly valuable tools for fitness and fat loss

When you find what works for you, use it.

Then develop your skills with the tools you have available.

Performance based goals reign supreme.

Stay tuned…


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