Exercise Log #2 Bulgarian Split Squat (aka RFESS)

Why aren’t you split squatting?

Many serious weightlifters say that the Squat is the king of exercises. Squats promote muscle tone and strength in the legs. If you want to spend gym time wisely, you must realize the benefit of lower body / core training.

Benefits of Bulgarian Split Squat

I use this exercise with clients and for myself based on the following reasons:

  • Promotes healthy metabolism
  • Balance, coordination
  • Muscular development supporting knee and hip structures
  • Posture improvements
  • Active stretching of hip flexors
  • Glute strengthening

Exercise Log #2

Try this, you can do this exercise all over the place.

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Why Muscles Matter (for men, women, young, and old), Part 1.

This morning, somewhere in your neighborhood, a person will struggle to physically get out of bed. With age, there is a “natural” loss of muscle which is responsible for so many elderly people lacking mobility and calling to buy those scooters you see on TV.

However, study after study shows that weight training for people of all ages increases muscle efficiency, tendon stability, and disease prevention. In other words, quality of life, health, energy, and vitality.

Weakness is inefficient, and takes a toll on the body. Untrained individuals have to use MORE energy for LESS movement.

Brian came into the store the other day to buy more bottles of Topricin, a pain relief cream, and mentioned how, “All of my friends are using it to get rid of pain too, I have to come back and get more for myself!”

I am highly in support of pain relief, but even I must confront the fact that treating the SYMPTOMS will never cure the whole person.

For example, Tendons are strong, small, and responsible for keeping you from falling over or displacing a joint. By strengthening tendons through weight training, we can reinforce the joints under stress with added protection.

I see it every day. Baby boomers are aging, and they are beginning to feel the “realities” of age, which could have been prevented all along!

The teardrop muscle of the Quadriceps is necessary for kneecap tracking.

The "teardrop" muscle of the Quadriceps is necessary for kneecap tracking.

What does it mean to be Young, anymore?

  • Strong
  • Healthy
  • Less worries

Muscles are KEY to overall anti-aging strategy.

If you seek youth, you must seek strength.

If you seek strength, you must seek me.

Because I have, plenty of strength just around thy knee.

Physical Fitness by Dre