Stylish, but displaying a visible lapse in body image, a young woman looked to supplements for a guaranteed way to lose weight.

"Maybe I should just...try again."

Her: “What will make me lose weight for sure?”

Me: “Diet and Exercise”

Her: (Smile) “I tried that already, didn’t work.”

First time dieters and exercisers have it the hardest

The first time is ALWAYS the hardest. This is why so many people recruit specialized Personal Trainers and Nutritionists for their knowledge and support system.

But change is hard. You all know how hard change can be.

If you did everything right, you could lose 10 pounds of fat per month, but without the experience — how could you possibly do everything right?

Good news: Dieting gets easier and easier each time you succeed

The trick is to gauge success not by the ultimate goal (ex. “I want to lose 20 lbs by next month”), instead you should view each healthy choice as a success in itself.

Did you have broccoli today? This is a success, a victory, and an ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Success tends to grow upon itself, leading to more and more victories. Define “winning” as reaching daily goals, and not letting yourself get down for slipping up.

Winners are happier about their bodies no matter if they lost that 20 lbs or not.

You already are a winner — it may just be a matter of realizing it.

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