She says ‘Women should be proud of their bodies at any size’, but even Tyra feels pressure to be slim.

This is the OLD Tyra

Tyra Banks has gained support from women everywhere by promoting positive body image at any weight. Yet, she has recently lost 30 lbs and critics say her new slim frame doesn’t match the message of Tyra.

Let’s be clear with one thing — being lean is sexy. All women are sensitive to this. But, it’s not so much about sexual appeal as it is the cause behind the appeal: being lean is an indicator of health.

Lean people also feel better about… nearly everything. It’s not because they are lean — instead it’s because their bodies are being nourished on a daily basis by healthy food and lifestyle.

How Tyra LOST 30 lbs

Today’s Tyra show will apparently reveal the secrets. Since I’m not a viewer, I’ll just come out and say how she did it, because this is how every celeb does it:

1. Eat healthy, whole foods, with plenty of protein and fiber.

2. Exercise on a regular basis.

3. Support system from friends, family, Personal Trainer, and Nutritionist.

Now That’s sexy…health.

Healthy is sexy. Tyra shouldn’t let critics sway her from maintaining low body fat levels. Yes, we need to appreciate each other for the challenges we face, but make no excuses for Health and Wellness.

Tyra is most happy about…

The NEW Tyra

…NOT having anymore stomachaches from eating poorly. Imagine that, she is happier about having a positive digestive system than losing 30 lbs.

Health first, and then physical appeal comes naturally.

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