Good carbs, always welcome.

Delicious source of energy, fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants

Like apples, I eat most of my carbs in the morning and daytime for energy, and I’m leaner than ever.

The Law of Carbs

1. At least 90% of daily Carbs must be from Whole Foods.

Bad things happen when you don’t eat enough whole foods…

McDonalds: Clearly NOT a whole food

McDonalds: Clearly NOT a whole food

Fruit is a whole food. Mcdonalds is not.

Brown rice is a whole food, White rice is not.

Whole foods benefit the body because these foods are more nutrient dense.

Whole foods leave you full longer, feeling more satisfied, promoting brain health, and a lean physique. Mcdonalds does not.

2. Carbs must be slow digesting carbs, except around bouts of intense physical activity

Slow burning carbs usually contain…

  • Protein, slow digestion, essential for muscular and immune system.
  • Fiber, aids in digestion, promotes healthy blood sugar levels, and a happy colon.

In general, protein and fiber slow digestion, so your body can efficiently absorb the energy from food instead of wasted on abdominal fat.

If the choice is between white rice and brown rice, always go brown. White rice has been stripped of nutrients and fiber, and unless you are physically active within one hour of eating white rice — the insulin boosting white rice goes to rest on your belly.

TIP: Before, during, and after intense physical activity, your body can more readily uptake Simple Carbohydrates for muscle glycogen. This is why basketball players can drink endless Gatorade and not get fat — they actually use the energy.

3. If lacking in protein, carbs must make up for it in Antioxidants and other Nutrients.

Vital to our body’s cells — and therefore your physique…

  • Antioxidants, keep skin looking young, along with rest of body.
  • Nutrients, vital to life, includes everything from vitamins and minerals to probiotics and enzymes.

Delicious road to fitness

Antioxidants: Fruits and Veggies.

Enzymes: Raw foods, living foods.

Probiotics: Yogurt, Kefir

Vitamins & Minerals: Balanced diet

TIP: Diversify the colors of your fruits and vegetables — color does matter when it comes to anti-oxidants. For example, both Carrots and Pumpkin are high in Vitamin A Beta-Carotene, so diversify with broccoli next time.

4. Limit total Sugars to less than 50 grams per day

Aside from the cardiovascular benefits, reducing sugar in your diet will have a significant impact on every physique goal.

You could get all that sugar from one 16oz Coca Cola, but then you’d be missing out on apples, oranges, yogurts, and other healthy foods.

TIP: Cut the soda, and Reap the benefits.

5. Grains, seeds, and oats during the day, Vegetables in the evening

Morning: Body can efficiently utilize carbs for energy, and therefore less is available for body fat storage

Evening: Unless energy deprived, some carbs may be wasted at night — leading to body fat storage.

Both legumes and vegetables are vital to healthy life, but for the optimal physique, it’s best to save the higher energy carbs for the daytime when you actually need it. High energy carbs in the day and vegetables in the evening is a POWERFUL physique transforming combination.

TIP: To take it to the next level, consume massively nutrient dense vegetables as low-cal dinner carbs.

Carbs are a powerful source of energy for the body, best when used wisely.

You can get lean without worrying about how many carbs you eat.

Respect the power of carbs, and enjoy quality carbs at appropriate times.

Oatmeal in the morning, fruit for snack, split pea soup for lunch, carrots for second snack, mixed greens with dinner, and yogurt before bed. Voila.

Abide by My Law, and Yee Shall Receive


  1. Hi Andre, would oatmeal be a good breakfast choice if every morning i do a workout an hour after eating? Since it doesn’t release energy that fast.

  2. Oatmeal is a GREAT breakfeast choice. Remember that oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate with both protein AND fiber. I’d say oatmeal is actually a very good choice within an hour of workout because it will provide good energy.

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