Ahh… Rio! If one were to make a list of the most beautiful cities on the planet, Rio de Janeiro would deservedly be on it. With the upcoming World Cup and 2016 Olympics, Brazil’s most famous tourist city will be host to many foreigners — perhaps you!

Lagoons, beaches, picturesque islands… and Brazilians themselves await!

I write this post for all fitness enthusiasts who plan on visiting Rio that YES you can stay fit. Heck, you can even down a few caipirinhas before going out to Samba with the locals.

What you will drink in Rio: Caipirinha = sugar cane alcohol, refined sugar, and crushed lime.

How to Work Out on your Rio de Janeiro Vacation:

Step 1: Go to any beach or park

Step 2: Work out

Almost every single park I visited, there was at the very least a set of pull up bars. However, there are workout stations that line the beaches for dips, pull ups, and all sorts of calisthenic exercises. It’s also completely socially acceptable to workout in your speedo (or “Sunga” as it is more proudly known in Brazil).

Typical Rio Workout Station, just one of many.

Can’t live without Bench Press? No problem!

Tourists and locals alike visit an outdoor gym located in between Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. The location is just above the surfer’s beach, known as Praia do Arpoador. Here, you will find the famous “Caveman Weights” that will totally pump you up (even in 90 degree heat!)

Yours truly performing the Cement Barbell Bench Press exercise.

I Already Know your Next Concern… WHAT ABOUT A POST WORKOUT MEAL?

Please, please don’t underestimate me. I got you covered. All you have to do is walk two blocks from the beach and visit any of the thousands of Juice Bars in Rio. In fact, Brazilians are known for their beautiful skin which is in part due to consuming Acai Bowls on the regular. As you may know, the Acai berry originates from the Amazon and is considered SUPER antioxidant. The purple berry will protect your skin and help recover your muscles.

Don’t speak Portugeuse? Just say… “Grande Acai con Granola, obrigado!!” (or “obrigada” if you are female!)

After that, it’s back to the workout!

Enjoy your travels, fitness enthusiast!

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