What about my journey getting fit people ask…

I want people to experience the benefits of training with progressive resistance techniques. Strength training by performing a variety of low, moderate, and high rep sets will boost physical capacity in great ways. Some people have asked about how I workout.


It’s been a journey

My recent back workout:

Warmup on TRX. 

  • TRX high row x 10 at about 70% intensity with focus on the target muscle groups
  • TRX chest press x 10 similar

Pull up station

  • Towel pull ups (so HARD on forearms)
    • 4 sets of 6 reps with 60 seconds rest in between sets
  • Neutral grip pull up
    • 2 sets of 8
  • Wide pull up isometric hold
    • Held a couple reps for 10-15 seconds

Kettlebell (more thick grip)

  • Leaning single arm Kettlebell row
    • 2 sets of 8 with 50 lbs KB

Cable stations

  • Pull down station with separate handles
    • Reverse flies with fixed angle straight arms
      • 3 sets of 12
    • Then heavier lat pull down with squeeze
      • 2 sets of 8 long reps 
  • Cable station with individual handle
    • Straight arm pull down with a single side at a time
      • 2 sets long reps
    • Cable high row
      • More bent elbow
      • 2 sets of 15

Then I cleaned up and got ready to walk back up the hill.

Walking up the hill often

I walk up the hill often. A variety of paces and I’m not afraid to get sweaty. Walk up the hill.

Walk up the hill to burn fat. Just be careful because the restaurants emit pleasing aromas. Keep the eye on the prize, because fitness is priceless.

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