It takes work to make progress.


Entitlement is a huge problem nowadays. Trust me, I’m part of the millennial generation and I’ve had to have a full on battle with my own perceptions of entitlement in order to make progress in my health, fitness, personal, and everything else.itsworking

If you still haven’t made the progress in fitness that you’ve desired, then read on…

“The results lie deep within the discomfort”

My colleague, Coach Vinny, is known for his motivational phrases that he uses every day to encourage those of us working towards fitness goals. The key point is that making progress is going to be uncomfortable and you should embrace that.


Not only do you have to WORK, you will also feel PAIN and you will feel TEMPTATION.

Staying on track requires you to be realistic about your own psychological mechanisms.

When I look back on my goals in life, it looks something like this: Fail, fail, fail, SUCCEED. And sometimes it looks like this: Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, MAKE ADJUSTMENT TO GOAL, then SUCCEED. All of the small successes are ultimately what give you the results, it’s not about the big successes really.


It’s not about the Big Success

When people tell me that they lost 20, or 30, or 40 pounds, then I am proud of them. Honestly, I care less about the number and more about the lifestyle changes they made day in and day out that ultimately brought them to the big success.

It really is all about the little successes that you can achieve on a daily basis.

Realize your entitlement and drop it. The best thing you can do is to let go of your entitlement now.

You are not entitled to a fit, healthy body. Nobody is. It’s not your right to be sexy. Not everybody can.

But you can be a success to yourself. Your first success is to drop your entitlement and to release those hidden limiting beliefs that are holding you back right now.

You are only limited by your limiting beliefs.

Drop your entitlement. Realize and recognize your limiting beliefs. Challenge your perceptions. Take one small step every day that allows you to succeed. Leverage the momentum of your small successes and EARN your fitness.

Go forth and EARN your fit, healthy body by nourishing yourself.

You probably already have a good idea what you need to do. Get rid of the “calorie dense” foods and focus exclusively on the “nutrient dense” foods. If you are truly eating nutrient dense foods, you will never be fat.


A nice reminder showing nutrient dense foods (PS Potato chips are killin’ ya)

Thank you for reading and stay tuned my people!

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