Music is magic.

Even though everybody has unique auditory preferences, there is no doubt that musical tone elicits a wide range of emotional responses.

A musical tone is characterized by its pitch, intensity, timbre and duration.

I get flashbacks from Music 111 – Music Appreciation. The instructor was a true gem for keeping my attention. I can actually visualize in my head right now some of those textbook pages, but I am no musician.

I just love how music encourages all types of thoughts and movements. Music also helps people process pain, like has anybody felt a little healing after listening to, A Star is Born, soundtrack?

1. Skan – Sadaweya (EDM / TRAP) for weightlifting or intervals.

Otherworldly drops at at 1:10 and 2:50

This is from my personal playlist that I would never play at Orangetheory Fitness. If you’re into EDM, enjoy the killer drops. This one makes my universe shake and gives powers for a short period of time.

2. Tyla Yaweh – Tommy Lee ft. Post Malone for dynamic warm-ups, stretching, yoga, walking, or jogging.

Some adult lyrics. Let me preface this by saying that I am a huge Post Malone fan and I love how he connects with so many people.

Tyla Yaweh sings his verses over thoughtful guitar melody, bass, and percussion. Even though he boasts about having access to many different women and shows up in stretch limousines, there is still the undertone that it’s not all what it appears to be.

Post Malone‘s verse concurs with Tyla Yaweh in terms of his ultra luxury lifestyle of partying and the car you’ll never own. And yet, he continues to reflect…

“still sh*t so / haaard”

“cigarette / couuugh.”

“bathroom / staaall”

“please don’t save my life mm”

For people who worked hard — they earned it. Hard work opens up incredible success opportunities or burnout and disillusionment. I’m learning balance.

I will admit that if I am completely honest with myself, that yes I do cope in ways. Sometimes I cope in ways that work in the short term, but actually make things worse in the long term — I am trying to break this cycle.

What keeps me motivated is the creative process and truly believing that anything is possible, despite the pain of failure.

For example, these rappers can publish on Soundcloud and not have to deal with the big record labels of yesteryear. The landscape is so different nowadays because talented people are self-publishing and self-promoting directly to others on the internet.

There’s lots of people like me who want to publish content online, but there is a need to overcome the judgment of others. Music is a way to help overcome that and connect to something greater.

3. A Tribe Called Red Ft. Hellnback – The Peoples’ Champ

This is a meaningful song. I love the sick beat and native courage. It makes me want to start a dance account on Tik Tok and embarrass myself for you.

Here are some of the lyrics that I connect to:

I put the people on my back / the whole nation that’s the reason that I rap.”

“It’s always family over everything / family is the motivation and my pain medicinne.”

“You’re only as strong as your weakest link / and if you think I’m wrong / don’t ask againn”

I am unaware of having any Native American ancestry, but I still feel connection to the tribal wisdom and honor this creation

I think the artist seems to be a good role model for his community. He encourages the idea of creation over complaining and promotes allies over enemies.

Do you have any song suggestions for me?

Leave ’em in the comments below 🙂

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