Staying fit isn’t hard with the right tools.

There are tablets that are proven to…

  1. Give you energy
  2. Assist leanness
  3. Promote optimal levels of balance in body

Lean with ease

And even more benefits…

  • Decrease muscle soreness
  • Improve endurance, especially in high temperature situations
  • Increased strength gains
  • and, a…strong Healthy YOU!

They ARE… Branched Chain Amino Acids

Besides being one of the most safe and dependable fitness supplement, Branced Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s for short) are three essential amino acids found in muscle. Most of us acquire these amino acids through dietary sources of protein such as chicken or tofu, yet supplementation of BCAA’s in the proper ratio leads to all of the benefits listed above.

There are 22 standard amino acids found in protein. BCAA’s are like the Three Amigos: each amino acid has a unique relationship and function to the others.

Aminos are just like Amigos, except much more elemental

Branched Chain Aminos are just like Amigos, except better dressed

The Three Aminos:




Essentially, BCAA’s stimulate the metabolic pathway, which results in net protein growth.

How, When, Where, and WHY?

This is how to take BCAA’s…

  1. Anytime of the day, to give you energy and maintain strength through muscle loss prevention.
  2. Prior to physical activities for endurance, sustainability, and performance. (Before a hike, a run, sports, or even a long night of dancing!)
  3. Just before a meal. Your meal will become even more anabolic, which means you can burn fat easier!
  4. DURING intense physical activity. Aside from the benefits above, weightlifters were found to have increased testosterone levels after the workout, as opposed to DECREASED testosterone levels that most people unknowingly experience.
  5. Who am I kidding? You can take BCAAS ANYTIME ANYWHERE!

My own personal use:

  • BCAA’s before and after workouts
  • I bring along a bottle in my bag for when I’m mobile. I would use BCAAs instead of McDonalds anyday. But, usually it’s best when I’m staying in someone elses place for the night.
  • At work during breaks.

If you are interested in any of the above benefits that I experience on a daily basis, go try a bottle. Right now, I’m using…

For some its about looks, for me its about strength.

For some it is about looks, for me it's about strength.

and for bumping up the power of my Green Vibrance health shakes, I often use:

Three Aminos in a powdered form, value and quality.

Three Aminos in a powdered form, value and quality.

Final points:

  • BCAA’s are as good for women as they are for men
  • Strength and muscle only comes through hard work, and nutrition is KEY.
  • Average serving size is 4-6 capsules, if you can’t swallow those, choose BCAA in powdered form.
  • BCAA’s are just one secret we have today for healthy, permanent leanness. Why would you pass it up?


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